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Protect Yourself Via Technology in a Divorce: Urgent Steps to Undertake

Is it important to take care of the security of your electronic data during a divorce? Absolutely yes! Many people forget that during a happy family life there were no secrets regarding mail passwords, social networks and so on. Moreover, many people forget to change these passwords when a divorce decision is made. But it’s better to even do it as soon as your relationship is on the verge of a divorce.

Today, virtual information can be used in various ways with regard to divorce. Some lawyers manage to change the entire outcome of the lawsuit thanks to only one photo from social networks. Some spouses monitor communication with a lawyer. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your electronic information is completely intact and this will be discussed in this article.

Discover Little Secret

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Did you know that in many states you can get divorced online? This greatly speeds up the process, since you do not need to spend time to learn how to fill out legal divorce documents. You just provide the information and already the specialists will fill everything for you. This is how to get an easy divorce. But remember that this option will not work if you have disputes with the former spouse that need to be resolved in court. If you want to learn more about how to use this opportunity, check out the OnlineDivorcer site.

Change Absolutely All Passwords

This applies absolutely to everything where you have passwords. Starting from social accounts, ending with a password to unlock the smartphone. Moreover, passwords should be designed in such a way that they are completely different from the previous ones.

Also, remember that you might have linked accounts, so you need to create new ones. Recognize, even if you change the password, the spouse will still be able to access it.

Another nuance that you should pay attention to is that passwords could automatically be saved on shared gadgets. Moreover, you can simply forget to log out of some accounts on a shared gadget with your ex.

It will also be useful to set passwords where they did not exist before. This applies to your personal gadgets. Sometimes a divorce becomes a war, and all means are good when it comes to it. Therefore, your spouse may try to fetch some information from your personal gadgets.

Change Email Password

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You will most likely communicate with your attorney in some detail via your email. If your spouse knows the password for your mail, then you need to not just change the password, but create a new account. This way you can completely eliminate the risk that someone else will have access to email.

Also, do not use the same account in work, personal and legal matters. It is best to make an account purely for communication with a lawyer. Also, do not save documents that the lawyer will send on the computer in your office. So limit communication with a lawyer to a personally protected computer and a special account.

Change Tariff Plan

If you and your spouse had one mobile tariff plan, then you definitely need to change it. Why is this needed? Everything is elementary simple, since, in general terms, your ex will be able to track the location or access some applications. Also, get rid of the application with which your ex can track the location and any others from where a third-party information leak can occur. Many do not pay much attention to this item and get negative and unexpected results.

Control Your Messages

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During a divorce, you need to be careful about what you write. Remember that any SMS can be copied and used against you in court. So try not to compromise yourself again. Even correspondence with a friend where you will reflect the nuances of divorce can be harmful and affect the outcome of the whole case.

Also, avoid making new acquaintances or discussing divorce on social networks. You do not know for sure who is sitting on the other side of the screen and how your correspondence can be used. Better discuss everything in person and only with loved ones.

Stop Using Social Media Right Now

As many lawyers have noted, the Internet era has given them more chances to win even the most hopeless cases. It became possible thanks to social networks. Just a photo from Facebook can completely turn the whole thing around.

Therefore, you better stop using social networks. Yes, it may seem complicated, but it is the best way to protect yourself. Correspondence, a photo or just a joke can turn against you in court.

Also, do not create other fake accounts. Just pause the use of social platforms, but before that, you should carefully work on your accounts. Remove incriminating photos, notes, and correspondence.

And by the way, it should be one of the first pieces of advice from your lawyer. If he does not make such a recommendation to you, then think about his competence. Because, as previously mentioned, social networks are just a storehouse for lawyers to win a case.

Change Passwords from Your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

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Most likely your spouse may know passwords from credit cards or other accounts. Therefore, you need to go to the bank and resolve this issue. Your ex does not need to have access to financial information. Even if you don’t have hundreds of dollars there, still take care of the security of this data.

The Final Thoughts

If you are on the verge of a divorce or are already in the process, be sure to follow the recommendations that you have reviewed above. Many young people underestimate these recommendations and then regret that they did not pay attention to their online security or did not refuse to spend time on social networks.

Why expose yourself to unnecessary risks when they can be excluded in just a few hours? Do this and rest assured that the other side will not have the opportunity to find incriminating evidence on you!

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