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Divorce in 2024 – Tips and Useful Advice

People often make mistakes, and what once seemed to be the best choice can quickly turn into a nightmare. Life is full of ups and downs, and unexpected things happen all the time, divorce being one of them. If you are currently in the process of separating from your partner, or you are considering to do it shortly, you are just at the right time and place.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the things that you need to know if you are divorcing, so stick around for a while and we’ll help you learn a thing or two. Here’s what you need to know.

Time the filing strategically

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If your marriage is not looking good, and you and your partner are arguing quite often, we all know that some awful things can be said during arguments, but don’t make those emotions impact your clarity.

As you probably know already, when a couple that invested together in a home, a vehicle and all sorts of belongings begins a divorcing procedure, everything needs to be split equally, or at least as equally as possible. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get exactly as much as you invested, so even if you spent a lot more money on your belongings, it will still be split equally, meaning you’ll be at loss.

Now, here comes the part that you should be careful about. Let’s say that you spent the last three months working on a project, but you are yet to be paid for it. If your partner knows this, they will probably wait until the money is deposited and then ask to start the filing procedure just so they can grab a share of your payment. These things happen quite often, and you need to be aware of them.

So, try to look for specific dates where deposits and similar things are carried out and try to use this to your advantage to maximize your share or minimize your loss.

Know your rights when providing a reason

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Whenever you are filing the papers for a divorce, there is a section called “Reason” in which you have to describe what happened that made you want to end the marriage.

Now, although it says that this is mandatory, you don’t always have to describe in detail what’s happening between you two.

Being married to someone is your own choice, and so is separating from that person. You can tick some of the boxes, but you don’t have to write the entire story if you don’t want to.

A very simple trick is to tick the box that says “no-fault”, and according to this website, you will be eligible for the same things, belongings and such, except you, won’t have to spend a lot of money on other steps such as hiring a PI.

Things are a bit different if you got cheated on for example, but you still don’t have to explain in detail if you don’t feel like it. Keeping things as smooth as possible is in your favor.

Finding an attorney with a good reputation

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Sometimes you are just way too angry with your partner, so you decide to find the most aggressive attorney who gave you a promise that they’ll completely “ruin the life” of your ex. This is not a smart thing to do at all, and here’s why.

These types of “shark attorneys” are usually known for their false promises and unwise decisions that can cost you a lot more money at the end, with no productive result at all.

Sure, having a lawyer that feels very “combative” and heated up for the entire situation can be quite motivating and hope-giving, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll win. Shark Attorneys usually have a very bad reputation and they even get in conflicts with the judge quite often, so hiring one can do you more harm than good if you think about it. Besides, revenge shouldn’t be the reason why you’re doing all this.

Keep your children out of it

The things that happen between you and your partner need to remain between you and your partner. Dragging your kids into this will only cause a lot more damage, so make sure not to display any rage or acts of aggression in front of them, or at all. The calmer you are in a situation like this, the more benefits you’ll get from the judge. Besides, you don’t want your kids to form a bad picture about you in their heads, because in some cases they are asked about how they feel as well. If they feel even slightly afraid or unsure about your behavior, you won’t be getting any rights to visit or custody.

Being honest will go a long way

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In most situations, your lawyer will ask you about the real story, so try to explain everything in detail without covering anything up. They need to know about the true state of your marriage and every little fact that can be used as evidence or to gain an advantage in the court. Don’t make up things and don’t try to cover up details. Be honest and you’ll be fine.

Leave your friends and family out of it

In situations like this, your friends and family will be very supportive of your decision, sometimes even more than they need to. This means that you will get advice such as “do this and do that”, but that advice shouldn’t be taken into consideration unless those people are divorce attorneys, which is highly unlikely. It’s great to have support, but don’t let these things cloud your mind and make you come up with a bad decision. Divorcing is like a strategic game, you need to make smart moves and think clearly.

Make sure that you cover up all expenses

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Just like many other things today, divorce is something that will cost you some money, especially if you are the one who’s trying to push things to happen faster and end the procedure as earlier as possible. Make sure that you know exactly how much money you’ll need, and prepare a certain budget exclusively for this. You don’t want to find yourself out of cash in the middle of a divorce, so be ready financially.

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