Power Season 7 Review and Release Date 2024

The name itself says it all, it’s a show packed with action, mystery, and drama. The previous seasons had the power to amaze the audience. The audience is greatly awaiting the trailer of Season 7.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The first six seasons of the show were a hit. The Protagonist of the show James St. Patrick, played by actor Omari Hardwick has two personalities, he can change his avatar from a human to a ghost. He applies his witty instinct to his drug dealing business, he is under the police radar for committing numerous crimes. James wants to bid adieu to the criminal world. He wants to start his own business and is longing to open a nightclub.

He is stuck between saving his marriage and wanting to change the course of his life, he wants to become a well-established businessman. Angela Valdes is the mistress with whom James has an affair. Jame’s wife Tasha and his son Tariq are also lead actors in the series. Tommy Egan is James’ partner in crime, he is also Jame’s best friend and confidant. He has known James from childhood. 

Luck doesn’t favor him as the cops are behind his life. James has to be very careful while making any new move as he is all over the media and newspapers for being the most wanted criminal. Kanan Stark, who was Jame’s well-wisher, is now his biggest rival. James has many enemies due to his wrongdoings. Angel’s good friend Andra Coleman is also Jame’s rival. At the end of the series one also sees the defense attorney Joe Proctor, district attorney John Mak, and politician Rashid Tate. The series is filled with many characters.

Casting choices We Can Expect


The last few seasons saw the same set of lead characters. The cast of the show consists of some of the finest actors. The role of James St.Patrick was played by Omari Hardwick. The character of James’s wife Tasha was played by Naturi Naughton and his son’s character Tariq was played by Michael Rainy Jr.

James’ love interest Angela was played by Lela Loren. The character of his best friend Tommy Egan was played by Joseph Sikora. The character of James’ biggest rival Kana was played by 50 Cent. Angela’s friend Cooper was played by Shane Jhonson.

When Can We Expect The Release


There has not been any official word from the creator’s side regarding season 7. Season 6 was broadcasted in 2019-2020. There is still confusion over whether this dynamic show would be further continued. The makers have announced that they would come out with a slew of spin-off series which is based on the drama. It could be a continuation of the series or the storyline could be twisted in the spin-off series.

Things You May Want To Know About Power Season 7

Starz, the cable network, has given the show Power the highest rating. It has the largest number of viewers. Power Book II: Ghost will soon be published, it is based on the series and the video of the book is being broadcasted on Starz.

Final Words

The spin-off series based on the previous seasons is going to be even more amusing. The creators stated that they have started working on them and are keeping the audience in mind. The viewers do have something interesting to look forward to.

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