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Geoff Keighley is one of the youngest millionaires in the world who produced and anchored numerous TV shows. Like many other great personalities, success doesn’t make it easier for Keighley. It came to him after several obstacles, constant hard work, and dedication. At a very young age, he stepped into the industry. Today, he is one of the biggest celebrities and an inspiration for many. Do you wanna know more about his net worth, career, milestones, family background, and other interesting stuff?

If yes, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

About Keighley


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Keighley is a famous video game TV host and reporter born in 1979 in Canada. He is extremely popular for his anchoring and producing and Game Trailers TV Series. In 2013, the Game Trailers TV Series broadcasted the 11th season. Moreover, he is also popular for producing numerous game awarding shows.

He was also recognized as the most popular journalist in the gaming industry who launched multiple games, interviewed CEOs, and reviewed writings. He is single and leading a successful life.

Early Life And Family

He has graduated from the University of South California with distinction. After completing his graduation, he started his career in which he is passionate about. He worked with great stars and upgraded his skills. Keighley’s parents, David Keighley and Barbara Frum, are proud of his success as an anchor, producer, and journalist.

Keighley’s Career Milestones


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Keighley is well-known for co-anchoring shows and for producing Game Trailers TV shows. He even wrote for GameSpot in 1998. In 2006, Keighley received a Spike’s Video Game Awards call for coordinating with the program producers.

Spike rebranded to VGX Awards and completely changed its format in 2913. It focused on promotions and commercialization rather than celebrating the video games milestones. That’s why the show soon went off. Later, he started to bring up Awards shows and gained immense support from market leaders and publishers.

He launched The Game Awards in 2014. And also he interviewed various CEOs and extended his network to MTV. At MTV, he produced numerous shows. Keighley broadcasted with the Discovery channel in a 5-hour documentary. He even started to participate in E3 Coliseum, an expo of video games, in 2017.

Interesting Facts About Keighley

Wanna know less-known facts about Keighley? If yes, here are a few facts that nobody knows. So, read on.

  • Right from his childhood, Keighley was very focused and keen on his career. Despite his struggles and odds in life, he achieved his goals and tasted the sweetness of success.
  • He isn’t a compromising guy. Never in his life, he compromises. He achieved what he wanted with a never-give-up attitude. That’s what made him a millionaire at the age of 40.
  • When he was raising in his life, the Discovery channel came after him to shoot the documentary for over 5 hours. Keighley worked as consulting producer with the channel.

Net Worth


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Keighley’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million by 2024.

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