The Importance of a Good Bankroll Management Strategy When Playing Online Poker

Are you someone who likes to win big when playing different casino games? It doesn’t really matter if you’re playing in-person or online casino games since the key focus in both coincidences is to play responsibly and within your means at all times while making progress and winning big. One way to do this is to follow a bankroll management strategy. Do you have a specific strategy in mind? If not keep on reading since we will share some of them down below while helping you manage your money.

Top 7 Key Parts To Understand


1. To begin with: what is a bankroll?

Your bankroll is the total amount of money you have at your disposal when playing a game of poker. However, this is not a sum of money that you have in total nor all of your assets. A bankroll is made up of money that you can afford to lose within one day. This can vary from one person to the other, meaning that your salary and payment will dictate how to play & win big in this case. People who have a 4k salary won’t have any issue investing (and possibly losing) $100-$200 when compared to those who have a 2k salary. This means that you have to gamble responsibly. Most people invest 3-5% of their salary during one month of gambling.

2. Why do you need a bankroll management strategy?

It doesn’t really matter if you’re playing online, with your friends & family, or with a bunch of strangers in person. Every time you start to play with actual money and your own funds, it is important to have a strategy. Why? Well:

  • You could go broke if you lose your temper or your tactic
  • You will spend way too much time playing without making any type of progress or results
  • Proper management prevents you from moving up stakes too fast
  • You get a sense and a feeling of pure control

3. How much money do you need to play?


Every poker player is different, meaning that there is no one specific or universal rule or amount in this case. Most experts recommend and advise that you are cool, calm, and collected, especially if you’re playing with a big sum of money. Do not be aggressive or unpractical. A lot of people prefer to go for 50-100 buy-ins for cash games. This allows you to raise your bankroll for online games where players are better, which automatically means that the stakes are higher. Your final investment and the chosen sum will vary depending on your frequency of playing, your mood, as well as players surrounding you.

4. It is all about your win rate

Did you know that your win rate can extremely vary and that there is no one specific pattern that you need to follow in order to win big? The only thing that is important is that your win rate influences the variance and requirement for your bankroll. You will depend and have to look at your opponents from one round to the next to connect the dots and figure out your win rate. How big is the risk, and do you dare to play this round? A general rule tells us that a cash-game bankroll is to never have more than 5% of your entire roll in play at one time.

5. Try not to withdraw your money from the bankroll

This might sound like a weird piece of advice, but it does help you to stay in focus. It will help you build your bankroll without wasting money on unusual or unimportant things. As time goes on you will also implement and try out new strategies without stressing out about the final outcome. It is better to keep your online cash for games & virtual fun than it is to transfer such small amounts regularly. In the end, aim to save up as much of your poker bankroll to move up the stakes and to make a more impressive profit!

6. Know how much money you’re saving when playing online


When you play outside your city and when you’re on some big tournaments you can truly get carried away. This is why a lot of people prefer online poker – it is more convenient and is not as much of a hassle. Poker on the go and in fancy hotels or casinos will drain out your account 10x faster. This is why bankroll management for online poker should be easier to navigate. Do the math every here and there just to see the difference between in-person spending and when dealing with online tokens.

7. Have a serious approach even when playing online

When you’re playing online poker for big money & high stakes every pot matters. This is why you should play and go for an approach that is serious, just as you would do if you were at an actual casino. Make sure that you:

  • Limit distractions – get a bit of peace and quiet inside your home to unwind and focus on your gameplay.
  • Do not drink alcohol – make sure that you are sober and that your tactic and approach are well thought out.
  • Do not play if you’re bored – only play for fun and for making money, but not out of frustration since you will lose a lot more than you’d think.

Where to play high-quality poker online?

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