How To Become A Competitive Destiny 2 Player

Destiny 2 is a huge multiplayer game that will have you cooperate with other players to overcome a variety of unique and interesting challenges. These can vary from world events that can be freely joined by nearby players to elaborate dungeon levels where everybody needs to be on top of their game to survive difficult bosses. However, there are those game modes where the challenge that needs overcoming is other players. The plentiful PvP game modes in Destiny 2 allow players to match their skills against each other and see who comes up on top. The most popular competitive mode has to be the Crucible. This mode removes some of the usual gauges of character power while allocating importance to others. To get a grasp on the basics of becoming a competitive player and how to climb the ranks make sure to keep reading below.

Understand the terms


Before we can get to the proper requirements of being a competitive player, it’s important to understand how the whole system works. For starters, the players in the Destiny 2 PvP multiplayer sessions are grouped by their ranks. The way to increase your rank is by earning Glory Ranks by winning the games while losing decreases your Glory Rank. On top of that, the inactive players will see their Glory decline over time. This is done for the sake of keeping players coming back to the game and maintaining their high rank rather than allowing them to simply rank up and leave with a shiny rank. There are 16 competitive ranks total, separated into 6 categories. Your starting point will be the Guardian 1 rank and the pinnacle of your skill will be shown off once you reach Legend. It’s also possible to purchase destiny 2 boosting services. Those services can help you obtain a higher rank if you are stuck in a weird rank where you feel stuck. You should click here if these possibilities interest you.

The actual system frequently changes. While in earlier seasons your rank was solely decided by wins and losses, the situation got more variables with recent seasons. Now, your rank is decided by your performance as well. This means that doing well will net you more points when you win and fewer lost points when you lose a game you played well in.

Among all of these terms, there’s another one you should pay attention to. This being Glory Streaks. These streaks allow you to earn a bonus of up to 20 points per win, stacking up to 160 early on or 120 as you climb up the ladder. The Glory Streaks mechanic also makes losing points harder. Instead of immediately losing points, you lose two stacks of your Glory streak once you lose. This allows players to make mistakes without being too penalized for losing one or two matches. However, it will decrease your overall gain so it may feel about as impactful if not more impactful than losing points.

Make sure to stick with your team


While there are games out there whose multiplayer allows for players to excel when alone, Destiny 2’s multiplayer will quickly teach you that sticking to another player is key to success. Other games reinforce this playstyle as well by spreading out team roles onto multiple players, however, in Destiny 2 the main reason you want to be around other players is firepower. The amount of survivability players have is pretty high so it is unlikely 2 versus 1 matchup will suddenly be turned into 1 versus 1 because of a lucky headshot. On top of that, the sole player will get fired upon by both of the other players, cutting their overall survivability in half. As you may assume, most people will stick in pairs at least after realizing how much easier it is to pick people off that way. That means solo play will usually result in you being the one who is outnumbered and, more likely than not, dead. Stick with teammates to avoid ambushes and evening out skirmishes.

Sticking in groups also helps you take over objectives within certain game modes. Going for those alone is pretty much suicide but with a wingman to assist you the chances of success go up considerably.

Keep your gear in mind


Although Power Levels aren’t important in PvP multiplayer, your gear still has value when you enter these matches. The stats of your equipment will matter quite a lot no matter whether it’s passive stat bonuses or specific weapon boons. While we could go through each stat one by one it’s more fruitful if you check them out based on your class and playstyle. However, no matter your overall build it’s safe to say Recovery will be an important stat for any PvP player. This stat increases your health regeneration speed which is invaluable in a game like this. High regeneration will allow Guardians to regenerate quickly after exiting fights and become able to perform at full capacity soon after a tough encounter.

You may be a more stubborn player who prefers to fight tooth and nail once they’ve engaged in a skirmish. For this playstyle, we recommend going for resilience first. It will improve your ability to take hits, which can make you a real walking tank. If you are more of an evasive player who likes to flank and dart around the map go for Mobility. It’ll keep you quick on your feet although the sacrifice of other potential primary skills could leave you vulnerable to direct fire. Regardless, do not exclusively base your build on these suggestions and check out some proper builds for your class.

Weaponry is a lot more complicated and the most potent weapons will usually be found within the newest DLC or events. However, the key aspect to doing well with a certain weapon is to know how to use it. Make sure to try out the more powerful weapons you have and discern which is the most engaging to play PvP with. There are so many different approaches to combat so take your time figuring it out.

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