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Planning New Year With Your Partner? 8 Ways To Make It Special

The new year is only a few days away, and it is high time that you start planning how you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the day itself with your partner. New Year’s Eve is unique as it allows you to let go of all the negativities from the previous year and embrace the opportunities that the new year will bring.

And what better way to celebrate it than enjoying the company of your partner. Your spouse or partner is one constant thing in your life and New Year’s Eve is the best day to sit down and reminisce about all the beautiful memories you made with them. Also, it is another opportunity to make a few more memorable moments with the one person who you can always count on.

As the days left are few, here are some ideas to make New Year’s Eve and day perfect for you and your partner. These are a few simple ideas that are just right for a romantic, adventurous, fun, and memorable goodbye to 2024 and to welcome the coming year.
Let’s get started…

1. Cook a hearty meal together

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Since 31st December is normally a working day, make sure you and your partner get home early. No excuses, try your best to be home by five or at latest by six. Then, plan a meal and get groceries (you can buy them before or order them as well so that there is less hassle). Now, cook a hearty meal that you both love together.

Cooking together dishes that you both love is one of the best forms of love and care. It gives you plenty of time to spend together, be playful, and enjoy each other’s company.

The bickering and arguments will only make this more fun and after cooking this meal, set the table for two. Do not switch on the TV. Just light up some candles, pour the best wine, and enjoy the meal and the company. Do save dessert for midnight so that you can start the new year on a sweet note. Ooh! Also, you can make the meal spicy so that your night is spicier.

2. Plan an intimate night

If you are planning to spend the new year with your partner, why not start it with a bit of bedroom adventure? Do not go for your regular intimate positions or so. Try something new, like try a few sex toys that can make the night a bit adventurous and raunchy. Never be shy to try something new, as a dull intimate life can lead to severe problems.

Check out Cirilla’s sex toy range and get your partner something naughty this new year. A romantic night can lead to a new year with the promise of more fun and romance.

3. Game night

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Not everyone prefers overcrowded restaurants or lounges and the traffic on new years. If you are one of those, then staying at home to welcome the new year is perfect for you and your partner. And it doesn’t have to be dull. You can organize a game night for just the two of you, or you can invite a few friends over.

For just the couples, a game night can be quite fun as you get to play anything that you ever wanted. Always wanted to try strip poker? Well, the night is young and yours. Even a game of truth and dare sounds legit as you can get all the secrets out from your partner or make them do things they never would say yes to otherwise.

4. Watch movies together that is full of romance

If you want a simple New Year’s Eve, the best thing you can do is binge watch romantic movies. If you have kids, make sure they sleep on time (unless they are teens and are out partying). Get some popcorn and snacks ready and stream the beautiful and cheesy movies of all time.

Go for romantic movies only, as it is the perfect time to be romantic. If neither of you has a list of romantic movies, here are some ideas:

  • If only
  • Notebook
  • 50 first dates
  • The Titanic
  • Shakespeare in love
  • Silver lining playbook
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Casablanca

5. Surprise your partner

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Decorate the house with lights and candles to bring in the new year. Bake a cake or order in and spread flowers all over the room. Or you can do any version that will make your partner happy. The point is to surprise them. You can go to the terrace or the balcony and have dinner or drinks watching the moon and talking and more.
Also, surprise your partner with a new year’s gift. Something that they always wanted or might be useful for them.

6. Midnight picnic

Find a secluded but romantic spot nearby and enjoy a big-night romantic picnic. Make sure you have wine/champagne and tons of snacks. The spot should be somewhere from where you can watch fireworks and lights and so on. Bring your music and dance with your partner and do not forget to kiss them a happy new year at 12.

7. Create goals

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The last day of the year is perfect to create goals for the coming year. So, sit down with your partner with a cup of hot chocolate or warm coffee and start planning. It can be anything that you two want from the new year. A cruise, or a holiday in the desert, or a new house, and more. Plan it together and put it up on the wish board, so you know what you are striving for in the new year.

8. Let bygones be bygones

Make sure you do not bring any old arguments into the new year. So, on a piece of paper, write down all the things that you are afraid of or a flaw in your spouse that irks you. Once complete, have a bonfire and burn the paper in it without showing each other. As the flames burn all the negativity, you two can enjoy a dance or a passionate kiss under the fireworks.

To make memories, you do not need much. You do not need to have a huge party with hundreds of people. You only need the people who love you and a few impressive ideas like the above to make it a memorable new year. Happy New Year guys!

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