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How to Remove Bed Bugs from your Home all by Yourself?

Bed bugs can be a serious nuisance and can even make your life miserable, these pesky crawlies are found on your bed, near the bedroom furniture, and just about every place once they have made their way in your house. If you are someone who likes to take care of such things by yourself then you will definitely find this post amazing and even amusing to some extent. Following are a few DIY (do it yourself) ways that you can use for the sake of taking care of bed bugs and initiating your own bed bug treatment, to begin with;

Removing bed bugs from your home

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The treating options that are to be listed here are best-done inoculant pest control with the help of a professional exterminator or pest removal agency like by your side. But if you are some enthusiast who wants to take matters into their own hands and prefer the DIY approach, the following are some of the methods that you can try;

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a proven method for the sake of keeping those pesky creatures out of your house and your car (if these bed bugs have made their way into it). To do so you can start with heating a clothes dryer on high heat or using a black plastic bag in your car but the success of it all would depend on the climate and weather conditions. That is why it is best if you leave all of it to the professionals as they will be able to take care of such matter on a more promising note, they know various heat treatment methods, know how to execute them to perfection and which ones work best in case of the bed bugs.

Cold treatment

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It might sound highly unusual but it is true, both extreme heat oriented and cold treatment seems to work for the bed bugs extermination. If you are to use this method then you would have to first collect the bed bugs from their hatching places or places where these are present in abundance and then freeze them to about 0 C. This can only take place in a freezer but then again is best left to the professionals.

Using steam

Blowing hard steam over to the places where you think this crawlies are present in potential numbers can help you exterminate them. The steam can be generated by burning some items and then redirecting their smoke to a targeted area. The same can be done by heating water near to its boiling point and when it starts to steam and get really hot you can redirect its opening to the place where you think these crawlies are going to be.

Professionals have their tools and gadgets with them at all times that can take care of all such things. Sure you can do this yourself but ineffectively and going to all that trouble in the first place. But when you outsource the bed bug fumigation to a dedicated company you won’t have to worry about it, all the work will be done in a cost-effective manner while maintaining a sense of professional paly. So, now if you are a little tempted about how a professional would take care of this situation then the following are a few things that you need to know;

Identifying the infested areas

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The first thing a professional exterminator would do is to identify the infested areas such as places where these pesky things might be. It is important to identify these areas where bed bugs are present in abundant numbers because otherwise, they will start to reproduce and migrate making it difficult to point to their new destination. After doing that the professionals might code the area using some color strips or other effective methods at their disposal such as putting code names or numbers of code bugs present by the bed, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom. If you need more help with this check

Containing the infestation

The next step is to contain the infestation which means once these bugs have been found and pinpointed the next thing you need to do is to contain the infestation. Professionals will pick out the affected clothes for you so you can put them in a bag or something and then wash them later to neutralize the threat there. Vacuums spaces, cracks, or other small openings would be very well covered by the professionals so the pesky crawlies can’t make a move around the house and disturb you even so. Also, the professionals will help you understand whether the furniture is ridden with bed bugs or not, and if it is then you will have to throw it away to control the infestation.

Preparing for treatment

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Once all is said and done the professionals get ready for the treatment they are going to use for the extermination of the bed bugs. This includes checking and rechecking the furniture, carpets, clothing as well as other various elements in your house to ensure if these are ridden with bugs or not? Sealing every other vacuum or opening to stop their infestation in your house and throwing away the things which they have already infested to make the house free from as many bed bugs as it can be.

Exterminating the bed bugs

This is the last line of treatment and it involves exterminating bed bugs completely out of your house completely. For it to happen sudden treatments would be used by the exterminating professional such as immense heat and intense cold. The heating treatment involves cleaning the places with high heat or steam normally up to 46 C and the cold treatment invokes treating the place with up to 0 C. which type of treatment needs to be taken into account will depend on the level of infestation and the type of bed bugs that have invaded your house. Only after that, a subtle decision can be made.

These are some of the steps from an elaborative process that a professional bed bugs exterminator would use in order to get you out of this problem once and for all.

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