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6 Benefits of Micro-cement For Home Flooring

When redecorating their home, most people want to create something completely new. Naturally, this is the case usually with those that prefer modern design. If you fall into this category, surely you know that nowadays, your options are endless.

Well, when it comes to flooring options, micro-cement is quite popular. If you are interested in including concrete aesthetics and features in your home, keep reading this article because we will introduce you to this product. Since we will only provide you with some general information and benefits, you should visit to learn some tips on how to incorporate it into various areas of the house.

What is micro-cement?

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Basically, micro-cement, or sometimes called micro-concrete, is a polymer mixture of cement, resin, and other additional materials. It can be applied to walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as a number of outdoor surfaces. It provides you with the appearance of the concrete but at a lower cost. In addition, as you can assume, it is significantly lighter.

One of the main reasons why homeowners love this product is that it creates seamless flooring. Putting it simply, it is a type of flooring that doesn’t include any joints, so not only does it improve the overall aesthetics of the room by making it appear larger, but it is also easier to clean, especially when compared to traditional tiles and wood.

What are the advantages?

No machinery need

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The first advantage we will discuss is regarding the installation process and time required. When renovating any space, you are bound to end up in dust, dirt, and debris caused by numerous tools and pieces of equipment that must be used. Plus, this can go on for quite some time since the workers have first to demolish the old floor and then install the new one.

Well, this isn’t the case with micro-cement. This coating is directly applied to your existing floor, whatever it may be. It means that the installation period is significantly shorter, and it won’t be necessary to use a variety of traditional tools.

It is durable

When choosing micro-cement, naturally, you may choose to hire professionals to do the work for you, but you will also have to select the color and shade of your new flooring. Due to the fact that it is described as a coating, a lot of people don’t believe it to be the best option since they doubt its durability.

They are not entirely correct. Obviously, it is not the same as ordinary concrete flooring, but the truth is that it will last for many years to come. No, its original color won’t fade regardless of how often you clean it, although you should clean liquids such as oil and wine as soon as possible to prevent them from penetrating deep into it. Nevertheless, you must admit that the fact it retains its original color is quite beneficial, especially if you plan on installing it outside where it will be under the effect of sun, rain, and the like.

Easy to clean and maintain

One of the most frequent requirements people have when choosing flooring or anything else for that matter is that it is easy to clean. This is especially true and important if they have young kids. It isn’t only a matter of cleanliness, but also safety. Toddlers spend most of their time crawling around the room, putting everything they can get their hand on in their mouths.

We have already mentioned that one of the numerous features of micro-cement is that it doesn’t include any joints but instead makes a seamless floor. This is crucial when it comes to maintenance. Joints absorb everything from dust and dirt to every liquid the gets spilled. Plus, cleaning all the crack isn’t only time consuming, but you have to put real effort into it.

Well, this won’t happen with this type of flooring. Since there are no joints, there also aren’t any cracks. All you need to clean it is a wet cloth and a pH-neutral soap. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to keep it tidy, you won’t have to worry about germs and bacteria and the danger they can pose to your little one’s health and well-being.

Improved aesthetics

We aren’t only talking about the fact that it is a popular trend that can take the overall appearance of your property to the next level. Surely, you can include numerous items and details that will boost the contemporary design, but can any of these make the room seem bigger?

No, they can’t, but micro-concrete can. How? Well, due to the fact that it is seamless flooring, meaning that there aren’t any joints, it can increase the fluidity between rooms and make each of them appear to be bigger than it actually is. This is great if you live in a small space and want to make some changes.

It can be used outside

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Furthermore, a lot of people want to connect their living room area with the patio or even the pool to make it seem like it is one giant room. Well, if you remember, micro-cement can be used for outdoor surfaces, so it is a perfect solution for this situation.

Naturally, the coating has to be treated with additional compounds that will make the surface resistant to conditions that do not exist when it is applied indoors, such as UV rays, rainfall, and chemicals. What’s more, these will also protect it against scratches and other types of damage.

It dries fast

If you are in a rush to finish all the renovation tasks and must meet a deadline, you can rest assured that the installation of micro-concrete flooring won’t take a lot of time. It can be applied easily by using some traditional tools, and the best part is that it dries super quickly. Basically, it will dry within 24 hours, so you can start moving in items and returning everything to its place the day after you apply this coating.

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