Top 7 outro Makers to Change the Face of your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the number one site for web traffic worldwide (8.6 billion monthly visits) and in the US (1.6 billion monthly visits). Five hundred hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. With content development being on an all-time rise, the amount churned at any point in time needs to be top-notch to make a difference.
For an average individual, the attention span is dwindling, and to keep such an audience engaged can be a task. Once they are hooked, they will make it to the end of the video, where a compelling outro does your work.
An outro maker can make a world of change to videos on YouTube. Though the intros are the ones that garner attention and grab eyeballs, many content creators prefer ending with a bang as well. The outros demand attention with their call-to-action that increases engagement and helps gain a competitive edge in the social circuit.
Here is a sneak peek at seven of the best outro makers that can supercharge your videos on YouTube. You can choose the ones that fit your needs and suit your budget.

1. VideoCreek

One of the most popular options for an outro maker in the video editing frontier is VideoCreek. They provide the most alluring templates and animation ideas to make your outro stand out from the rest on YouTube.

Not only do you get access to a library of audio tracks, but you can also design custom-made templates depending upon your needs. Whether it’s an image, a video, stickers, text boxes, or template designs, all of them can be accessed directly from their collections.
Moreover, their interface is extremely user-friendly and pocket-friendly. The process is fast, especially with the templates readily available on the VideoCreek platform.

2. Panzoid

The outro maker works cohesively with the support and collaboration provided by the users in the network. Every user uploads and saves their ideas online, which can help the rest of the people using their services. One of their standout features is the 3D animation option. It’s a significant benefit for people looking out for an eye-catching detail free of cost. Though it provides free services, the templates can work for beginners and small businesses with budget restrictions.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

This particular outro maker needs no introduction and has established a firm footing in the video editing arena. There’s no second-guessing with this software and the features offered.

You can focus on the insights and explore at the same time. Whether it’s video, audio, or motion effects, each of them can be altered to fit your design scheme. Time can be saved on the go with access to the Cloud feature to save your creations.

Though the pricing range may be out of your ballpark, the result is an extension of your imagination. One of the features that stand is the newly launched option called Premiere Rush, an inclusive application that functions on any of your devices. So, now you can innovate, edit, and save as you wish. The outro maker is perfect when you have a flexible budget, and there are no limits whatsoever.

4. MAGIX Vegas Pro

If you thought the Adobe Premiere Pro was a long shot in pricing options, then wait till you see the costs of these versions offered. The tool will give you a high-definition experience enabled by top-notch performance capabilities.

As an outro maker, it is undoubtedly expensive, but one can invest in it if their project or business demands a certain degree of sophistication. The audio and video editing options are powered by cutting-edge technology without compromising the configuration or optimization.

The plug-ins are innumerable and are of high-grade quality considering the pricing plans. While working on the software, you will get the feeling of using a professional camera with the color gradients and vectors included.  A comprehensive suite of features gives you a studio-like experience that is incomparable and beyond anything you imagined.

5. Biteable

The platform is known more for building intros than outros, but it scores well with its free service in the affordability department. Though the designs lean more towards the beginning of videos, you are free to tweak it as per your requirements.
As all the features are free, there are no qualms regarding exploring the options available. There are many in-built options concerning background schemes, audio-visual effects, logo formats, and other accompaniments. Once you are done looking at them, you can decide accordingly to modify it as an outro.

6. OpenShot

The software and tools are supported by operating systems and are a preferred mode of choice for your outro maker needs. The interface isn’t user-friendly like VideoCreek, but when you require a tool with no watermark, here is your solution. The primary feature that makes it stand apart is the trimming option, which helps you shorten the video as per your needs. The audio element is an excellent blend to work with since the wavelengths can be synced accordingly.
The creation of templates can take up your time since you need to literally start from the very beginning.

7. Lightworks

The outro maker is known for its professional look and the rendering capability, which helps it function in an advanced mode. It has been around for quite some time and gives you features and insights packed in with a whole lot of experience.
Though multiple features are pre-dominantly advanced, the tool is relatively simple to use. It can be easily understood and applied in tune with your videos to deliver results better than you imagined.

Wrapping Up

Considering the transformation ability of an outro maker, VideoCreek is a clear choice for enriching your video feed on YouTube. The outro maker will not only retain your loyal base of subscribers but also raise the stakes with a compelling call-to-action.
The outro can easily deliver the expected result by convincing the target audience to purchase or engage on other social media platforms. Your pre-defined goals and expectations can be fulfilled with VideoCreek and its plethora of options.

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