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5 Signs You Are Vaping Cannabis The Wrong Way

The trend of vaping cannabis has become so common now that one cannot walk in the street without seeing someone holding a vape pen. People have been vaping cannabis in public parks, at their homes, while waiting on the line to get on a bus and even while buying groceries. It is one of the joys of the electronic vape pen that you can vape anywhere at any time. However, what type of pot you are filling in the cartridge might be a concern.

Although vaporizing cannabis is the most efficient and favoured method of consuming the plant, the process of vaping is a bit trickier than smoking. The vaporizing technology has many benefits over traditional smoking, and people tend to like vaping over traditional smoking once they get a hold of it. Also, you can get several types of vaping devices from starter kits to advanced levels. To get more information about vaping and its devices, visit

No matter how many times you have vaped pot, here are five signs that you are vaping cannabis the wrong way.

1. Temperature

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Setting the temperature according to your individual preference is essential if you want to enjoy a vaping session. The wrong temperature will lead you to a lousy vape. In fact, according to studies, it has been proved that the best temperature range for cannabis is between 170-200°C (347-392 °F). At this temperature, the release of cannabinoids and terpenes reaches a perfect balance.

However, if you are one of those vapers who want a clean flavour, low-temperature ranges (320-356 °F/160-180 °C) will work best for you. And still, if you want to reach an instant high point with a good flavour and minimum bodily effects, the temperature of 320-356 °F/160-180 °C will suit you the best. High-temperature ranges (200-230 °C) provide a strong level of vapour which leads to massive bodily effects and is appropriate for those who have nothing to do for the day and want to stay in their rooms for a ‘rest’ day.

If you are choosing the wrong temperature for vaping cannabis, you might need to reconsider if you want to enjoy it properly.

2. There are seeds in your pot

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If you are a regular cannabis vaper, then you must know the importance of using a grinder for grinding your herb into refined grains. With a grinder, you can grind cannabis into the right sized particles for your vape pen. If there are seeds and stems in your pot, they are likely to prevent even, and proper heating of the cannabis and you will end up with a lousy vape. In order to avoid that, always grind your bud before vaporizing it. And if you are planning to put the whole weed in the chamber of your vaping pen or using powdered cannabis, in both cases, you will achieve poor results.

Another pro tip here is to avoid the use of stems in vaping. They produce a low quality of vapour and are more likely to give you nausea and headache after the session.

3. Wrong packing

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Packing the material accurately into the cartridge of your vaping pen is the key to get the best quality of the vapour. If you are a new vapour, you might know the trouble of not packing enough material into the chamber for your vaping pen to work. Often, you fill your pot too tight, and it restricts the airflow giving a low-quality vape. The best remedy for such problems is to use the instruction manual that comes with your vaping pen to achieve the best consistency of your vaporizer. And still, if your vaper pen demands it, you can always search about it on google or see what works best for your pen on YouTube.

4. Inhaling larger puffs

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Many a time, new vapers think that vaping cannabis is just like smoking a cigarette and they employ the same techniques of inhaling the vapour into the lungs and then puffing on the vape just like a cigarette. However, vaping cannabis is entirely different, and it requires users to avoid small puffs and fast deep draws. There are two inhalation techniques for a perfect pot.

Direct-to-lung: In this technique, the user draws the vapour into the lungs quickly and then exhale the vapour immediately. There is no need of holding the smoke in into the lungs for added benefits as your lungs can absorb cannabis much quickly than the contents of cigarette smoke.

Mouth-to-lung: This technique involves slowly drawing the vapour into the mouth, followed by closing the mouth so that the smoke lingers in the mouth for a few seconds. After that, the mouth is opened, and the vapour is breathed into the lungs. The vapour is exhaled after it reaches the lungs.

One can try any of the techniques mentioned above for an excellent vaping session but remember to avoid using the vape as a cigarette.

5. Using Wrong material

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A vaporizer or a vape pen uses vapour in two forms, dry herbs and concentrates (oil, wax). The dry herb can only be used for dry vaporizers. If you try to use concentrates in dry vaporizers, it won’t give results, and you could end up damaging the heating element. Therefore, before you start vaping, see the instruction manual carefully so that you can use the right form.

Although you can explore the vaping cannabis by experimenting with different temperatures, grinding or ways of inhalation, some things are certain. Thus, the experiment too much has resulted in less favourable results. Especially if you are a beginner, it is ideal that you start slow with a simple device. And once you get used to it, you can slowly switch to an advanced vape.

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