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How Much Is Oak Tree Trimming?

Oak trees like many other types of trees require regular maintenance by trimming to give them good health and look. It also prevents them from posing danger to homes of power lines.
Trimming of oak trees depends on the size of the trees and accessibility. As a result, the price will range between $125 and $1700. In this case, you will be handling trees ranging from 6ft up to 50ft or more.
Small oak trees with a height of 3 to 10ft will cost you $125 to $250.
Medium-sized oak trees of 10ft to 20ft will cost you between $250 and $950.
Large trees of between 25ft to 50ft will cost you $950 to $1700.

However, in some cases, you may need to pay higher in case you have to hire a local tree expert to treat any pests or diseases on your trees. A great place to find an arborist near you at discounted prices is If they have none, then you are okay. Other factors that may affect the cost may include location and the level of trimming you want to be done.

Should they be trimmed often?

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Trimming of oak trees on average is between every 3 and 6 years. However, the time to trim an oak tree is affected by a few variables that you have to look at. One of them is based on how fast the tree grows. If the tree grows fast, then it means you may have to tree it more often.
Another factor is the surrounding. If the tree is in an area where it is affecting the surroundings such as power lines or houses, the regularity may increase. In other cases, factors such as diseases, or storms may lead to early trimming. Your needs such as the need for light at your home may also affect the pruning time.

When is the best time to trim oak trees?

Many trees are trimmed during the winter season. The oak tree is not any different and this is the best time you can do the trimming. The main reason for trimming the tree in winter is because it is a time where the tree is dormant.
During winter, pests such as beetles and borers are dormant as well. This means that you will give the tree an easy time without any attack even from the wounds resulting from the trimming process.
Another advantage is that by trimming the tree during winter you give it a good head start to recover, sap, heal and build protection from infestation as the spring approaches next.

Should I hire an arborist or DIY?

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Oak trees are sensitive. If they are not handled with care, then it may lead to weak growth and increase the chances of infections and that is why DIY is not advisable. There are high chances that you will mess up when trimming or handling the tree.

Oak trees may also grow so much which can be dangerous when you decide to DIY and you do not have the right skills. As a result, you should hire an arborist to do the job.
Some of the advantages you get include good professional handling of the tree. The tree will get better management irrespective of the size. An arborist will also help treat and take care of the tree in case there are any diseases or pests and in the most appropriate manner.

Arborists also come with tools that you may find it difficult to access when you do yourself. This will be good for those huge trees that require tools like cranes.

What does it cost to remove an oak tree?

Oak removal is a process that is also affected by several factors. Some of the factors that will affect the cost of removing an oak tree include the size, location, obstacles and the time of the year.
Expect to pay between $350 and $4500 for an oak tree removal depending on the above variables. However, the average cost of removing an oak tree stands at $1600.

For small oak trees which range between 12 and 15ft tall and with a trunk DBH of 6” expect to pay $275 to $450.
Medium oak trees of 20 to 35ft tall and trunk 8 to 12” you will pay between $700 and $1200.
For large oak trees more than 45ft tall and trunk DBH 25 to 40″ you will pay between $2200 and $4500 with other variables in play.

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