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How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Size – 2024 Guide

With the arrival of warm days and heat, we all fantasize about jumping into a beautiful refreshing pool. The installation requires a yard or a large flat terrace. The price also depends on the material, and the size of the pool you will decide on – depends on the space you have at your disposal. But how to choose the right size pool? We will try to answer this question in our guide for 2024.

What Pool Size Do You Want For Your Yard?

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If you’re planning to have a nice pool in your backyard – the question of the size and place for your future pool arises. These factors depend on what exactly you want, and your available funds. However, it mostly depends on the space intended for this purpose. It is a very common opinion that you need to have a large garden to have a pool. That is not always true. Today, in the market, there are so many of them in different sizes. However, most companies will offer you custom-sized pools. What’s the secret? Can we choose the dimensions ourselves or hire a company that will build it to a measure?

Pool Dimensions Can Also Depend On Purpose

If you are planning to build a pool, you must determine its shape and dimensions according to the type of its use. Let us explain it to you a little bit better. An ordinary recreational pool does not require great depth, and when it comes to shape – you can choose any shape you like. On the other hand, there are those that must have an adequate length as well as depth – and must have a rectilinear part that implies parallel sides. If swimming is part of your daily sports training, you need to keep in mind that dimensions and depth are of great importance.

What Size And Depth to Choose?

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Recreational users, especially kids, do not demand great depth – and it is sufficient to provide a sloping floor that goes from 36 inches minimum, to a maximum depth of 4 or 5 feet. If you choose to have a recreational pool – it doesn’t have to be built in any special shape. You can find out more about it on this website and choose a shape that will suit your needs and taste. On the other hand, those who are actively involved in swimming in terms of sports training – must provide a pool that looks longer and narrower. This includes a depth of at least 4 to 5 meters, to avoid touching the bottom when jumping into the water or turning in the water.

L -Shaped Pool And Its Custom Size

The good news is that pools can be made according to the needs of users – whether they are recreational or sporting. However, they can also be made to the category of those whose needs are somewhere between recreational and sports. These pools usually have one part which is shallower, but deep enough for play and fun – while the other part is designed for sport swimmers. For this particular reason, these pools are often made in the shape of the letter L –  where the shorter part is provided for swimming and entertainment, and the longer part is intended for swimming.

Small Pools

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If you think that there is no place for a pool in your small backyard – you are probably very wrong. You can change that tomorrow if you want to. You don’t have to envy your neighbor anymore – when you can have one yourself in your backyard, maybe even more beautiful. For years, the dimensions have been reduced according to the needs of clients. For this reason, the number of models of small pools is increasing. A small pool is the one whose size does not exceed 10 m2. Besides, for fitting into small backyards –  such small pools will not require special work (only in a protected area).

Long Pool-Dimensions

For sports-oriented individuals – it may be a good solution to set up a long pool in the garden or the backyard. Such pools are approximately 10 meters long, while their length can extend up to 25 meters. When it comes to width, their width does not exceed four meters. The 12×3-meter is the usual dimension of a swimming pool. Lengths and widths can vary depending on everyone’s preferences. For example, a slightly wider pool can be made – so the family can play in the water more easily. Likewise, the swimming track – where the width is significantly reduced in favor of the length – allows one to enjoy the swimming. Besides their size – the depth should also be important. However, a larger pool doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be very deep. The depth should be adapted to the use for which it is made. It is quite possible to swim with a depth of 1.20 meters. What is important is that the user feels comfortable.

Location Of Your Pool To The Surroundings

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Where to place the pool? Where to place a filtration station or engine room? Do I need an engine room? Is the pump buzzing and annoying? We will try to point out these and some other questions to raise awareness of important factors in the placement of the pool. There are three main rules for pool accommodation:

  • It should be located in a place where it is mostly sunny during the day (due to water heating) – and in a place away from trees (due to pollution).
  • In the place where the house is most beautiful for reasons of photogenicity – which is especially evident if the house or apartment is intended for rent through a catalog or Internet service.
  • In a place where during the day most of the social life takes place – and again in a place where people have their privacy and shelter from the view of neighbors, access roads, etc.

A filtration station or engine room is usually located next to the pool or near the pool within a facility. Regarding the impression next to the pool, it is necessary to mention the visual and acoustic effect that the engine room has on the environment.


After all this, all you have to do is choose the shape, size, and position of the pool you want – and enjoy the summer.

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