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Winter Lawn and Landscape Care Guide

If you’ve ever been caught in a snowstorm and woke up the next morning unable to get out of your home, your driveway, or even get on the roadways, you probably know that you need to hire a snow removal service. But what if you have some additional things in your backyard that need special attention, such as fruit trees, koi ponds, and more? When you have all of these various things, you need someone who is a licensed lawn and landscape artist as well to get the job done. In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to find the best winter landscapers.

Be Sure to Ask for Insurance

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Only the best landscaping services offer their top-quality service by proving they’re fully insured. Remember this when you’re shopping around for landscapers, especially in the winter. By having insurance, they’re protecting you from the liability of an accident and can greatly decrease your possible legal problems. At the same time, by having insurance, not only are they protecting their own bodies and equipment, but also your home.

Do They Have a License?

In the wintertime, you don’t always have to have a specific contractor’s license to plow or shovel snow. However, if you’re running a legitimate business, it’s a good general practice, especially in landscaping that your lawn care specialist or snow removal company has a contractor’s license that they can show you. This means they’ve gone the lengths to have extra special training in their services, and have the experience to prove it.

Consider How Long They’ve Been Doing This

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When you are looking into hiring a winter landscape artist, you want someone who has not just started. Sure, they’re great, and you shouldn’t knock the new guy, but depending on your needs (and the price), you’ll want to choose the person who has years of experience over someone who is just starting out. You wouldn’t want someone who’s never cooked anything but beef all their life to offer to cook you chicken for their first attempt, right?
At the same time, you can often ask for references and referrals. Check out their website and reviews, and even go so far to ask for the last couple of property owner’s contact info that they worked for. If they’re hesitant to give you any information or provide even a gallery, then you may want to look elsewhere.

What About Service Guarantees?

Since many winter lawn and landscape companies (even snow removal companies) are actual contractors, many of them will have a service guarantee in some form, and you should always ask about it. This can even be written out in your contract, and you should be sure that everything is covered in the contract mentioned here before you think about signing it.


You have to protect yourself from scam contractors, even in the winter months, which can be an unfortunate thing. But when you find the right landscaping company like to do the job, you’ll definitely know it. They’ll often have the right tools that are required, snowblowers, plows, offer hedge and tree trimming services. You name it they’ve got it because winter isn’t always so kind.

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