NIF (Portugal) for Those Who Love Convenience

Think of getting NIF? There are several options you may stick to. However, not all of them can be considered simple and easy. That is why you’d better read this article to be aware of what variant is going to be the most optimal for you.

Why Even Take Care of Receiving NIF?


NIF is a taxpayer number in Portugal. So, if you possess it, you automatically have all the rights and obligations speaking of taxes. But for many people, it is not the only thing that interests them.

The matter is that NIF is going to be required if you would like to take part in some major activities in Portugal. They are as follows: buying a car, signing a mobile phone contract, and renting any property. It is hard to imagine a fine life in the country without all of this. That is why there is a sense in trying to receive your NIF as fast as possible.

And, convenience is what should also be considered here if you do not want to encounter any problems!

The Options of Getting NIF


There is an opportunity to obtain NIF in person in case you are in Portugal. But, in most cases, you will have to ask for the services of a tax representative who will be able to accompany you to the local tax office.

Nevertheless, there is another way. It is going online and following one of the intermediaries’ websites that will help you to deal with the process. This variant allows you to spend a lot of time and complete the procedure faster than you may expect.

By the way, it also depends on whether you are a resident or a non-resident of the EU/EEA. The probable solutions to the issue are going to differ in both cases.

So, What Is Online All About?


Well, if using online seems to be nice to you and you are intrigued to learn what exactly you should do, it is time to take a look at this section.

The very first step in this matter is choosing reliable people who will assist you with getting NIF in a proper way.

How exactly can you do this if you do not have any experience in such stuff?


Well, just be attentive to what is being offered to you. Once you enter a certain website with the services, everything has to be suggested in a clear manner. When you lose your time trying to find out what documents must be presented, it is not a good sign.

Besides, look for the contacts section. Are they given and you can reach the staff? Great. If it is not like this, make your own conclusions about the safety of collaboration with such an intermediary.

The second step to take is to check what exactly must be ready (speaking of the documents). Those who plan to receive NIF normally do not face a long enumeration. In most situations, it is enough just to prepare the scans of your international passport and a document that will show your residence. This is it!

If you want to move further with requesting your NIF Portugal, find the page on the site that will allow you to fill in the application form and upload all the necessary stuff. Pay a fee, wait for just three days, and here you are! Feel free to enjoy your NIF that will provide you with plenty of relevant advantages no matter what activity in Portugal you intend to be engaged in.

So, this is what online asking to get NIF will look like. For most people, it is a cool adventure that is not linked to any kind of major difficulties.

A Few Questions about NIF That Normally Come from Those Requesting It


Is there a chance that I will have to wait longer till my NIF is ready?

Unfortunately, there is. And, it does not always depend on how trustworthy your intermediary is. The matter is that in most cases, the teams presenting your documents are experienced enough but there may be some kind of an issue with the Portuguese tax authorities. Only they are responsible for providing a certain person with a taxpayer number.

How long will my NIF serve me?

There is no such term as the expiration date that is going to be connected with NIF. It means that the document does not have to be replaced or anything like this. However, the loss of NIF requires its owner to get a new document so be careful about that.

Can I apply for NIF for my child?

Certainly. To do so, it is essential to get all the proper documents ready like the passport, a birth certificate, scans of parents’ passports, and the NIF of at least one of them.

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