6 Steps to Keep Your U Part Wigs in Top Shape

U-part wigs have now become a staple in a world where natural hair care is the talk of the town. They allow you to experiment with various styles and cuts, achieve a natural look, and still protect your hair from breakage. However, you need to learn how to maintain your u-part wigs to enjoy the benefits longer.

This article offers six trusted steps to keep your u part wig in top shape. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Six Steps To Keep Your U Part Wigs In Top Shape

1. Handle It Delicately


How you handle your wigs determines how much you get to enjoy them. Even if you wash them regularly and store them properly, you still have to handle them based on the type of material they’re made of. U shape wig is made with fine sheer mesh and clips underneath. This material makes the wig look more natural but is also very delicate. So, you might have to treat your wig like an egg to prevent any damage to the mesh.

2. Apply Shampoo and Conditioner


Like your natural hair, wigs also get dirty after leaving them for a long time without washing. So, don’t only focus on washing your natural hair. Instead, wash your wigs every once in a while largely, as they determine the condition of your wig. To do this, apply shampoo first and rinse with cool water. After that apply your conditioner to make your wig soft and retain moisture.

Note that it’s not enough to use just any type of shampoo or conditioner for your wig. Always ensure to use shampoos and conditioners specially made for wigs. This helps you get maximum results and prevents your wig from sustaining any damage.

3. Detangle Using A Wide Tooth Comb


While your conditioner is on your wig, detangle it with a wide tooth comb. This helps to prevent knots and tangles that could occur once the wig is dry. In addition, ensure you always use a wide tooth comb, as it allows you to comb through your wig without much fuss. While doing this, detangle in sections, start combing each section from the tips, and slowly work your way to the roots.

4. Dry With Cool Air


The best way to dry your hair after washing is to air dry. This allows your hair to retain its lustrous look. However, you may not always have the time to wait that long so you might have to use a hair dryer. When doing this, put your blow dryer on ice because heat could greatly damage your wig.

5. Preserve With Heat Protectant


Depending on your wig’s texture, you might have to use heat-styling tools to blend your natural hair with the wig.

But before you do this, ensure you use a heat protectant as a foundation to help your natural hair and wig withstand the heat. Without this protectant, your hair is bound to sustain heat damage and it might eventually lead to hair loss.

Finally, ensure you get a heat protectant with good quality.

6. Store Properly


After washing and drying your hair, it’s essential you store it properly to preserve your work. You should also adopt this method after each use. So, after a long day don’t throw your wig around the place. Instead, ensure you store it in a cool dry place. You could also keep it on a Styrofoam head or plastic bag. This protects your hair from frizz and helps retain moisture.

How Long Do U Part Wigs Last?

While getting any wig, one of the most deliberated questions is, “How long does this wig last?” This is normal, as anyone buying a wig would want value for their money spent. So, to answer this question, u-part wigs can last between six months to a year. However, this depends on various factors.

First, it depends on how well you maintain your wig. If you keep neglecting your wig and leaving it for months without washing, it’ll most likely not last long. Washing your wig helps to maintain and allows you to enjoy it for years. Another factor that determines the lifespan of your wig is its quality. If your u-part wig has low quality, it might not last longer than six months no matter how well you maintain it. Finally, your wig’s lifespan is determined by how well you protect it from heat. This is why you need to make heat protectant a priority for your wigs.


U-part wigs help to transform your look without damaging your natural hair. This is, indeed, one of the best things to ever happen in wig history, as you can now achieve beauty without neglecting your natural hair. However, you’ll need to maintain your wig by washing regularly, detangling, using heat protectant and storing them properly. These steps work together in increasing your wig’s lifespan so you get to enjoy the benefits more.

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