How Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats Can Help Your Dog’s Digestive System

Most dogs over 3 years old suffer from dental problems. Nature’s Protection dry food treats are designed to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy through all stages of life. Besides helping your dog’s teeth, these supplemental treats by Nature’s Protection are fantastic for its digestive system.

Explanation of Nature’s Protection Dry Food Treats and Their Benefits

Nature’s Protection offers a wide range of treats designed for your dog’s dental and joint health. They are produced in sticks so that your pets can easily eat them, regardless of their dental health and other factors.

These semi-moist food treats have a unique texture that promotes appetite and contains an effective complex of nutrients. Pet owners can buy dry dog food online to maintain the health of their dogs at different stages of life, taking into account their individual needs.

Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats are a part of the healthy pet formula: 80% of nutrition (dry food and treats) + 20% of pet care (grooming, bathing, and veterinarian care) = 100% result. It means that treats will work even better if pet owners ensure not only a healthy diet but also regular hygiene with products approved by veterinary experts.

The unique shape and texture make dental supplemental treats gently remove plaque and reduce tartar. The snack provides mechanical cleaning of the teeth and contains healthy minerals that help strengthen your pet’s gums.

Treats for joint health contain vitamins and minerals to prevent joint diseases. They can optimize and maintain the function of the musculoskeletal system which is especially important in case of increased physical exertion in adult dogs.


Ingredients in Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats and Their Role in Promoting Digestive Health

Food treats are produced with white fish which is a great source of proteins. It promotes cell growth and is easy to digest to benefit and prevent digestive disorders in dogs.

The vitamin and mineral complexes have the following advantages:

  • zinc restores intestinal microflora
  • vitamin B normalizes the acidity of gastric juices
  • vitamin A helps food be digested more quickly and protects the lining of the stomach from negative factors.

The treats contain a high number of active bioavailable substances which increase the efficiency of intracellular regulatory mechanisms, protect the cardiovascular system, and activate the protective immune mechanisms.

How Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats Can Prevent Digestive Problems Such as Diarrhea, Constipation, and Bloating

Grain-free treats are designed to replenish vitamins and nutrients in your pet’s system. These dog treats contain only safe ingredients to supplement the basic diet of your pet to prevent bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive issues.

The unique blend of prebiotic fiber promotes regular bowel emptying and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The high digestibility of the treats makes them suitable for reducing acute intestinal absorption disorders.

Furthermore, high content of fiber improves intestinal transit and softens feces in dogs suffering from constipation, delayed intestinal transit, and intestinal discomfort.


Tips for Incorporating Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats Into Your Dog’s Diet for Optimal Digestive Health

Even though grain free treats are fantastic for dogs’ digestive health, it’s better not to overfeed your pet with them. One serving shouldn’t exceed 5% of your pet’s daily allowance.

The following tips will help you add treats to your pet’s diet:

  • If you’re using treats for training, it’s best to give them before the evening meal, without exceeding the allowable dose.
  • Don’t let your dog beg for more treats when its daily quota is reached. If you give it more, you are only hurting its health.

There’s one essential rule all dog owners should remember ─ if the dog has a chronic illness, you should talk to your vet first, before choosing additional dog treats.


All in all, treats are essential in a dog’s diet. Take advantage of the full variety of Nature’s Protection Supplemental Treats line and keep your little friends happy! Our treats are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are equal to a daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals for dogs.

However, remember that your pets need more than just treats and high-quality pet food – they also need the loving care and attention of their owners.

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