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How Important is a Healthy Diet for your Dog?

Just like us, dogs need a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals for their body to function properly. Luckily, many dog food companies have worked hard to create products that perfectly suit the needs of dogs – food that is healthy but also delicious. Unfortunately, there are lots of cheaper brands out there who sell food that is not nutritionally valuable but instead is filled with harmful chemicals and other nasty ingredients. Here are some reasons to focus on the health of your dog, and tips on what you can do to help your dog have a healthy, happy life.

Muscle development

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We all know how much dogs love to run around and play. This is why it’s so important that the food that your dog helps their muscle development. Protein is a vital ingredient for muscle strength and growth. It repairs the tired muscles of your dog and helps them to develop, so it’s important to ensure that the food that your dog eats is full of healthy protein.

In the ingredients list, watch out for ambiguous labels like ‘meat’ or ‘meat product’ because this could be a mixture of poor quality meats that are not sufficient protein for your dog. Another detriment of multiple types of meat being used is that it is harder for dogs to digest. Beco Pets grain-free dog food contains singular, free-range meats such as turkey, chicken, or wild boar. These are excellent protein sources that your dog will adore.


The common stomach problems for dogs are often caused by the food they are eating. It is so important that dog food contains enough fiber for efficient digestion. For finding fiber-rich food, look for kibble that includes pulses like chickpeas or beans, or vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or sweetcorn. The best types of dog food usually contain fibrous vegetables, like their wet dog food with pumpkin and peas or their dry dog food that includes pumpkin and spinach.

When considering the digestion of your dog, it is beneficial to choose grain-free. Just like us, it is not uncommon for dogs to find glutinous ingredients intolerable. Treating your dog with grain-free dog food also makes sure that there is plenty of room for more nutritious ingredients that are easy to digest. Less grain means more veg or meat, so your pup is eating lots of nutritious fiber.

Immune Boost

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Fruits and veg are also full of vitamins which are important contributors to a well-functioning immune system. Feeding your dog an abundance of vegetables helps reduce cellular damage and lowers the risk of your dog catching illnesses. Vitamin C, in particular, helps the immune system. This is found in vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, and carrots- common ingredients in high-quality dog food.

Fur and Skin

Aside from the internal benefits of a healthy dog diet, it also helps contribute to a shiny coat and healthy skin. Your dog’s diet must contain omega-6 and omega-3, for a thick and luscious fur. Without these, your dog’s skin might become dry, causing irritation and possible hair loss. To ensure your pup has thick, healthy hair, give them food that is rich in these omega fatty acids, like fish. A classic example of this is brands that sell dog food containing cod, haddock or tuna so that your dog gets all the omegas and still maintains a healthy, good-looking coat.


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Water is another element of your dog’s diet that owners should watch out for. Ensuring that your dog is well-hydrated is a responsibility every good dog owner should prioritize. Just like us, our dogs’ bodies are about 80% water. Keeping your dog hydrated means that substances are sufficiently dissolved and vital chemical reactions can take place in the body. Water balances out the pH of the dog’s body and regulates nerve function.

There are many harmful consequences of a dehydrated dog, including dry gums and physical weakness, but it can even lead to kidney failure. We know that sometimes it’s hard to get a dog to drink sufficient amounts of water. If this is a common struggle in your household, a way of getting moisture into your dog’s diet is to feed them wet dog food. If your dog has been in the heat or done a lot of exercises that day, make sure that their water bowl is topped up and easily accessible.

Does the same diet suit all dogs?

All dogs need certain ingredients such as protein for growth, fiber for digestion, and plenty of vitamin-rich foods. However, the quantities of these types of ingredients vary depending on the size of your dog. It is therefore important that you buy food that is suitable for your dog’s size and age.

Getting a puppy will involve getting numerous different accessories and toys to an adult dog, this is also the case for puppy food. So when deciding on what to get your puppy, you should consider that they need special food that helps their physical development. They need protein-rich food so their endless bouncing around does not tire their muscles out and they grow into a strong, healthy adult dog. They need to be fed small amounts and have more frequent meals than older dogs so that they do not stretch their small stomachs. Look out for healthy puppy food when choosing what your young pup eats.

When your dog gets older, they have a slower metabolic rate. Therefore, it’s best to give them food with fewer calories. Senior specific dog food is usually higher in fiber, to help with their digestion.

Whatever breed of dog your own, and whatever age or size, caring for your dog’s health is important. Feeding them healthy dog food is an easy way to improve the quality of your dog’s life and make them as healthy and happy as possible.

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