Most Popular and Effective Online Marketing Tricks for Your E-commerce Store – In 2024

Boosting any business requires time and energy. On an average, a business needs one to two years to break even. But in the digital world, things move at a faster pace. And sometimes, it gets difficult for the new businesses to make their place in the pool of businesses and stand out of the crowd.

Although it might seem challenging, which it is, with the right set of marketing strategies and effects, you can boost your e-commerce store effectively. However, you have to note that digital marketing is pretty different from traditional marketing tricks. And in some cases, quite inexpensive as well. Furthermore, with the increase of internet users, the chances of engaging people are also quite high.


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1. Improve your social presence

Around 10 to 15 years back, social media was introduced to help people communicate with each other. But nowadays, social media has changed the dynamics of business as well. Social media itself has evolved as a marketing tool, all thanks to the number of people who use it on a daily basis. Any business can find the right audience on social media and thus can promote the product in the right way.


Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce store is only available online. Therefore, the need to boost their presence on social media is crucial. The best way to improve your social presence is by updating your profile, posting content regularly, and engaging with customers. You can create opinion polls, share testimonials, etc., to grab the attention of the customers.

2. Think about building e-mail lists

E-mail marketing has become a very affordable and effective means of marketing. An e-commerce store can create a setup where it can get the e-mail addresses of a client and build a list of those e-mails. This is specifically useful in many ways; whether the online visitor buys the product or not, the store will get the e-mail address through which the same visitor can be contacted again.


The second benefit is that if there is any new product, exclusive offers, or promotions, all the customers in the e-mail list can be reached, which can instantly boost sales. Every business needs to keep in touch with its customers. This list is not only helpful in promoting new offers but can also be used to greet the customers on different events or occasions. Thus, it can help to build a long-term relationship with the customers. The most important thing in email marketing is the right use of the list and creating attractive email copywriting.

3. Look for SEO

The main ingredient for an online business is to get traffic to increase sales. This traffic can be generated organically or with paid advertisements as well. It is a well-known fact that Google is still the most visited platform or search engine compared to any other. Thus, the amount of traffic it gets is higher than most. To make the most of this traffic, you can look into search engine optimization (SEO), which helps an online business rank and become visible on Google SERP. Suppose a business is ranked at the top position on the most related search terms. The company will automatically generate immense traffic. Because of this, online businesses should not underestimate the power of SEO.


4. Improve images and content

When a customer visits the shop physically, the experience is completely different from an online store. He can look at the product, touch it and decide based on that experience. Whereas, in an online business, the customer’s first interaction with a product is through the image. Therefore, it is crucial that the product must have detailed and high-definition pictures. Otherwise, the first impression will become invaluable. The next step is the description of the product. It includes explaining different features of the product and helps the customer to decide why they should buy the product. Proper usage of words, the right amount of information, and quality content are very important for an online business.


5. Invest in digital advertisement

When companies promote a business traditionally, they spend millions of dollars on promotions. That includes advertisements published in print media, electronic media, and on billboards, etc. When we talk about digital marketing, the basic rules stay the same. The only difference is that of the medium.

Instead of spending money on print or electronic media, you have to set a budget for creating promotions via social media and google advertisements. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., offer you services through which you can advertise your e-commerce store. Furthermore, you can also place advertisements on Google. And the best part is you can reach more people within a limited budget.


6. Hire influencers

You can find several people on social media belonging to different fields of life who have become a celebrity and are followed by thousands of other users. Some of these people even have millions of followers. Such social media celebrities are known as influencers. Social media influencers have given a new direction and dimension to online as well as offline businesses. Different brands hire these influencers to promote the products. They make videos and post them using the brand’s products.

As a result, their followers buy these products as well. Right now, influencer marketing is one of the biggest things in social media marketing, and even big brands are using this strategy.


That’s because the words of these influencers act as a guarantee for the product’s quality and features. As a result, their followers look for the same products or visit the same online e-commerce stores.

There are so many smart and effective online marketing tricks that you can use to increase traffic and sales of your e-commerce store. These tricks are not just inexpensive but offer better results.

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