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Most Useful digital Media Marketing Tools for 2024

Increasingly, companies are looking for digital marketing as an option to generate more business opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to streamline the processes carried out under this strategy, such as the production of content, the relationship with potential customers, etc.

This increases the demand for the use of tools: they serve to automate many manual tasks that take time to execute and make it more difficult to prioritize more strategic activities. With them, it is possible to address a large volume of information, speeding up processes, and improving results.

Digital Marketing tools, specifically, are examples of solutions that companies have sought to reduce the Customer acquisition cost (CAC). Whether in the implementation of advanced or basic strategies, these are used by many types of businesses.

In this post, we will present to you the most useful ones.


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All-in-one solutions, as far as marketing is concerned, are platforms that allow you to manage and automate various phases of marketing from the same interface. Thanks to these ones we have much of the information necessary for our business centralized in one place and we do not have to jump between platforms.

Many of these help with tasks such as lead management, scheduling email chains, analytics, content creation or even social media management. Their main strength is that they allow us to have an overview of how our marketing strategy is working without losing a detailed view of user interactions with our content.

Of all these all-in-one, our favorite is Hubspot. Surely this does not catch you by surprise since Hubspot is right now the benchmark in this sector. Hubspot’s problem is its price: although it has a free version for entrepreneurs. There are alternatives to Hubspot, but those that are at the same level also have high prices although if you have few users they may be worth it like Infusionsoft or Sales Manago. There are free options like Mautic and it has improved a lot.

Web analytics

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Despite the fact that platforms like Hubspot and Marketo have very interesting analytical tools, none is as powerful as Google Analytics.

Analytics is a tool that many people use but very few people know how to use. Anyone is able to enter Analytics and see the basic data that it provides us, but few are able to use all that this Google tool can give.

Analytics offers hundreds of interesting metrics based on the interactions that users have with our website or our App. But in most cases, these metrics are not as interesting on their own as in combination with other metrics. In addition, the possibility of adding objectives, views, filters and integrations with other of our platforms, make this one an indispensable part of the marketing department.

Google Analytics can be scary, but learning to control it at the highest level is something that is worth investing our time in, as the results will make up for it.

Task management

It is fortunate that one of the best task management tools for a marketing team is free. I’m talking about Trello, a web platform that allows you to organize all the tasks of your team through its structure of boards, columns and cards.

Trello’s possibilities are almost endless. So much that its use has transcended from the workplace to a personal setting – it is very easy to organize your day with Trello and once you start using it, you will not be able to stop. It is difficult to explain the full potential of Trello in a few lines.

Team communication

Another important aspect to improve the productivity of the marketing team is internal communication. There are many communication tools and that is precisely one of the problems; With so many channels, with so many topics to discuss, and with several members on the team, communications can become chaos.

Best for this purpose is Slack which is also free, although you can use Telegram perfectly for this purpose or WhatsApp the latter I do not recommend.


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Another necessary tool for any marketing team is one that helps guide SEO efforts and measure results. There are many references on the market that perform these tasks: Semrush, Ahrefs, or Moz are just some of them. But the best without a doubt and cheaper is Screaming Frog.

What would be the free alternative to this? Well, the truth is that there is not a single tool that does all this for free (at least that I know of), but with a combination of a few tools you could manage to cover a large part of these needs. For example, you could use Wincher for tracking positions, Adwords keyword planner for analysis of search volume, competition and keyword suggestions, OpenLinkProfiler for backlink analysis and Google Search Console to see which keywords attract traffic to your website and what indexing problems your page has. If you think this is too complicated or will take up too much of your precious time, there are professionals who can do it for you.

Email capture

The best one is Sumo, a suite of widgets that allows you, among other things, to launch pop-ups to your visitors, show them forms or bars with different CTAs. We have seen increases of up to 45% in the number of conversions after configuring some of these widgets in 5 minutes.

The good thing about Sumo is that its free version is quite complete (if you don’t mind showing its branding in all its widgets). There are also other interesting alternatives to Sumo like Icegram or OptinMonster.

Social media management

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Finally we will need a tool to help us manage our social profiles by automating posts. There are very interesting ones such as Hootsuite or Buffer, all of them paid, although they really are not very expensive compared to other tools focused on marketing. They are tools that in the case of having to manage several social profiles, are worth it.

You could get to automate all social networks for free with the combination of tools such as Trello, Google spreadsheets and Zapier, but they already require a higher level of knowledge and considerably more configuration time.


Incorporate these useful tools and you will see improvement in all sectors very fast.

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