Why Canvas Prints are the Perfect Wall Décor Solution

Interior décor for places like living and family rooms can be tricky, and finding the right balance is never easy. People spend a lot of time in these spaces, and, ideally, they should look the best. Most people focus on the colors of the walls, the furniture, the flooring, and the rugs, and what decoration pieces to put in place.

However, walls are usually neglected after being painted, and one can feel a certain emptiness as a result. Most people think that hanging a clock and a couple of family pictures is good enough. Sure, it helps the cause, but it is not adequate.

Especially when it comes to larger spaces, nearly empty walls do not look good. With catchier paint shades like navy blue, orange, and lighter shades of brown, the walls become very prominent. Nothing kills the interior’s look like overpowering walls.

Having some artwork on the walls looks great, but even imitation paintings can be very costly and burdensome on the pocket. Canvas prints offer a far more practical solution for this problem for a fraction of the cost. There are multiple reasons why they will be the perfect option for the walls of your living and family rooms. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

So What Exactly are Canvas Prints?

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According to TheCanvasPrints, an inkjet printer is used to print an image onto a canvas. The canvas is then stretched so it can be displayed on a frame.

Canvases have been used for ages for paintings due to their durability. Their manufacturing process is very laborious and makes them highly resilient. They have been the choice of painters globally for centuries now.

Their use is not limited to traditional hand paintings only, and you can print anything on these canvases with the help of modern-day printers. The results are visually stunning and without a heavy dent in your pocket.

Why Choose Canvas Prints?

Now that we know what canvas prints are, the next logical question is why should we choose them instead of the other fifty décor ideas available? Several reasons make these prints the perfect partners for your otherwise bland walls.

The canvas prints offer so much. Be it the independence of printing whatever you want or the ease with which you can handle them.  They’re even easy to put on a wall. These prints also go well with other decoration pieces that you may want to add to the walls. Let’s dive in to learn more about them.

1. Personalization

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Canvas prints can be highly personalized. Whether you’re printing portraits or a picture from a family vacation, it’s your call. Unlike paintings, the photos can be fixed with the help of computer software if need be before printing. The results are pretty impressive with high-quality pictures and printing.

And you do not need to limit the canvases to personal pictures. Whether you love kittens or have a love for downtown skylines, you can have them on your wall. Some people even love to add their favorite quotes too. There is no limit to what you can put on the canvas. You can let your imagination run wild and let your walls speak out for you.

2. 3-D Printing

3-D printing on a flat surface is a reality thanks to modern printing technology. It can create quite an illusion of an actual object or person being present. However, 3-D printing is not possible on all kinds of materials used for wall decoration.

Canvas does not have this issue, and with the right mix of depth of colors and the texture of canvas, it is easy to get the 3-D effect. You can have a 3-D printed portrait of yourself to surprise the guests or leave a picture of an unusual object for fun.

3. Size Options

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The size options with the canvas prints are unlimited. From one large photo showing a beautiful landscape to six different sized canvases painting a beautiful memory, you have all the flexibility in the world. Some of the most beautiful prints are the ones that are spread across several canvases of various sizes.

You can experiment a bit to find your balance. What looks good depends on the type of picture or artwork on the canvas and the colors. Multiple horizontal frames look great for buildings photos, while family moments look great with one larger canvas surrounded by smaller ones.

4. Long Life

The material itself is durable and resilient and is not easily damaged. Unless abused, a canvas print can last for many years without any problem. You can clean it with a damp cloth whenever you want as the permanent ink will not be affected. You can add a fresh  feel to your wall hangings every time you clean up.

In case you want to take it off from the wall and store it for a while, that too can be quickly done. These prints do not take an awful lot of space and can be stored in smaller areas. Since they have a long life, being tucked away for a season or two will not impact the canvas quality.

5. Glare-Free

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Houses lit with natural light can face glare issues with light reflecting from mirrors and photo frames. The glare can be very irritating and hurt your eyes. The canvas prints are glare-free, which means they will not be hurting your eyes.

You don’t need to drop those curtains on a bright day and can enjoy the sunlight without the inconvenience of glare in your eyes.

6. Light on the Budget

Canvas prints are also pretty light on the pocket. You can get a whole wall worth for not very much. You do not need to have them mounted on expensive frames, which can be costly. These prints allow you to decorate your walls in any way you want quickly.

The Verdict

Walls in your living room and the family room should never be bland or boring. Canvas prints allow you an affordable and practical option of decorating them in a classy manner. Whether you like to have your family pictures or some inspirational quote on the wall, they are the ideal solution.

These prints also offer benefits such as cheap maintenance, ease of storage, and long life. With nicely decorated walls and all the other benefits, it is truly a win-win situation.

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