7 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Cat-Friendly

Who doesn’t love cats? I mean I don’t think anyone would dislike these beautiful little cute creatures, right? Researches have shown that approximately 40% of the world’s population is fond of cats. There is a high chance of people petting cats as compared to other animals. Other researches have also shown that cats can reduce your stress levels. If you own a cat, you are most likely to get less depressed and less sad. Cats are a major source of happiness in people’s lives.

If you put in effort and dedication when it comes to taking care of a cat, you will definitely be rewarded in the end. It will be worth everything. Cats are animals that have the ability to make you feel more relaxed and happy. They have a way of taking your sadness and gloominess away.

They instill feelings of peace and calmness in you as you have never felt before. They are great companions and they provide you with such unconditional love that you might never have received from any human being – be it friends or family. If you want to own a cat you need to make sure that your apartment is cat-friendly.

It is reported that cat owners have reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases as well. Cats have a way of transforming your bad days into good ones. If you still haven’t owned a cat yet, you are missing so much in life. You’re missing all the fun, the love, the care, the affection that you feel when around your baby cat. People must experience this one-of-a-kind feeling once in their lives.

There are numerous ways by which you can make your little apartment your cat’s ultimate heaven. Down below are written some of the ways of doing so:

1. Provide Vertical Spaces or Cat Condos


The best way to make your apartment cat-friendly is to make sure that you provide your cat with vertical spaces. Cats love to climb. And these spaces would be their ultimate favorite place to go. Cat Condos or cat trees also fall under the same category. Cats love to stay in a higher place. By doing so, they can see all the activities happening from a higher angle. If your home is not big and spacious enough to incorporate a cat tree in it, worry not. The best alternative for a cat tree is a wall shelf. They take up less space yet provide the same amount of fun to your pet.

2. Create a Catio

It is said that windows are like television for cats. The favorite place for these felines other than vertical spaces is the windows. If you can’t seem to find your pet in your home, odds are that the pet would be lying near the window, watching the daily routine and happenings of the outside world. Make the catio near the balcony. It must be noted here that the place should also be comfortable for the pet to sit on.

3. Get Them Their Own Toy Laptop


You must have experienced the feeling as to whenever you are working on your laptop, your pet would just simply sneak in and sit on the keypad. Like the whole of your keypad would be covered by your cute little cat. That is one way of gaining the attention of the owner. If you do not like this, you can buy your kitty a toy laptop. You will then notice that not only does your kitty plays with the toy but she will also not disturb you as well.

4. Buy Scratchers

One of the major problems of owning a cat is that they have a scratching issue and they will scratch anytime at any place they want to. They won’t care if it is your furniture or your important bed sheet or your favorite couch, they will do regardless of whatever you say to them. In order to avoid this grave issue and to protect your stuff, you must buy scratchers. You can hang them over the doorknob, place them in the lounge or wherever your kitty’s favorite spot is. These scratchers are major lifesavers. Try them for once and you will get to know as to what I am talking about.

5. Buy Some Toys


Cats are so fond of toys. Like a baby, they will play with their toys for hours. It is a nice activity for them as it keeps them occupied for a long time. You can buy your kitty soft toys, plastic toys, or whatever you like – they will play with almost anything.

6. Use Litter Boxes

A trained cat is the best. In this regard, you must use litter boxes. The main principle of using these litter boxes is that you have to place them where you spend your time the most. I know it sounds weird and odd to the ears like who would want a litter box in their living room or out in the balcony, right? But as it is said, “no pain, no gain”, one must swallow this harsh reality. You must place two litter boxes if you own a single kitty. You must compromise in this aspect. Everything bears fruit at the end.

7. Give Them Boxes or Cat cage to Hide


A cat loves to hide. When you are playing with your kitty, you will notice that she will always try to hide somewhere – the spark in her eyes will tell it all. Certain wooden boxes, crates or cartons would do the job perfectly well for you. You will notice the positive change when you bring in boxes or a cage for your little kitty, however you can learn more about that if you go here.

Our Final Verdict

With all the aforementioned ways, I am sure that your kitten will love your apartment. All you need to remember is that your kitty will treat your apartment as her little territory. Therefore, you must let your kitten do whatever she wants to. Provide her with the right things to keep her happy.

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