Year 7 Survival Guide

Being in year 7 is about fun, making lasting friendships, and finding your way. It can also be challenging at times, but take it one day at a time, learn a lot, and have fun!

Changing years is a stressful time for many students. Their workload increases, their personal lives can feel more stressful, and the difficulties of their classes can be hard to manage alone.

However, with the correct amount of preparation, students can make their year seven experience much more enjoyable and more focused on success and thrive. Year seven is a time of great potential, and that potential can be reached with the proper amount of hard work and planning. The following are some tips to help students through their year seven.

1. Be Prepared


There are going to be a lot of new things this year. For example, you’ll have different teachers, different classrooms, and different expectations. But don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to manage it.

As you go into year 7, you should consider doing a little “homework,” so to speak. Talk to your teachers from year 6, your parents, and your friends. Find out what’s going to be different from the last grade. Learn what you should expect so that you can feel better prepared for success.

You’re going to want to get to know your new teachers, where your classes will be on campus, and a multitude of other things as well.

Being prepared for classes is essential. Arrive to class early and have all your materials ready to go. This includes having the appropriate textbooks, notebooks, as well as other materials.

Materials you might need:

  • Paper, pencils, and pens.
  • Notebooks, planners, textbooks.
  • School uniform and gym clothes.
  • Lunch plans.
  • A map of the school.
  • A list of your classes.

2. Have Your Morning Routine Organised


Your morning routine is the most important routine of the day. If you’re getting up at the same time every day, getting ready in the same order, and fitting in some time for a healthy breakfast, then you are going to be in a much better position to have a good day at school. This is because you’ll be forming healthy habits and setting the pace for the rest of your day.

If you’re not in the habit of doing something, then it’s easy to get distracted and forget to do it. This is one of the reasons why your morning routine is essential! If your morning routine is off, then you’re going to have a hard time getting ready for school. You’ll be late, you might miss your bus, or you might even miss school altogether, which will set you back and make your week more difficult.

Make sure that you know exactly how you are getting to school. Are you walking? Riding your bike? Catching a bus or train? Know what time you must leave the house to get to school on time, or arrive at the bus or train station before they leave.

Here are some of our tips:

  • Get up at the same time every day.
  • Get your bag ready the night before.
  • Have your school uniform clean and ready
  • Plan your school lunch ahead of time.
  • Have all your homework.
  • Have bathed, brushed your teeth, and eaten a healthy breakfast.

Once you’re home, set up a homework routine. According to MWNS, those in years 7-8 should study from 60 to 80 minutes to be more independent learners.

3. Be Ready to Study


The first thing you need to know about year 7 is that you’re going to be expected to know a lot more about the subjects you’re studying.

Since you’re starting year 7 in an Australian school, you’ll be known as an intermediate student. This means you’ll be taught some of the same things as a high school student, but also some of the things you needed to learn in year 6. You’ll be studying a lot of content, and you’ll be expected to move forward to the next lesson faster than before.

4. Homework


Dun dun dun! We know. But here is the truth; you’re going to have more homework than you did in year 6. Don’t let that worry you! This is an excellent time for you to learn new habits and become more immersed in your studies.

Many students hate homework, but homework is a chance to get ahead in your studies and figure out what you’re most interested in for career considerations.

There is a lot of good advice out there about how to do your homework. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Do it on a schedule! You’re more likely to do your homework each night if you decide on a time and stick to it every day.
  • Find a place in your house that is the study spot. It could be a corner of a room, a specific desk, or an area on the couch. Make it your comfort zone!
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need to study before you start, so you’re not getting up and getting distracted.

If you have a problem with procrastination, try this trick: Set a very short-timer. Set it for 10 minutes, and tell yourself that once that timer goes off, you are not allowed to procrastinate anymore. Then, get started.

Is there a subject you struggle with? Getting a tutor is a great way to catch up and get ahead.

Important Tip: Remember, if you do your homework right when you get home, you’ll have the rest of your day to relax and do the things you wish to do!

5. Practice Self-Care and Have Fun!


Let’s be honest; we all know that starting a new year can be daunting. There are so many changes! Relationships, school subjects, and what your new teachers will be expecting from you, all of these things will make going into year 7 sound scary. But you’ll get through it, just like you always have. Hopefully, you’ll come out of the other end of this year thinking, “what was I worried about?”

Sure, studies are critical, but so are you. Ensure that you’re taking the time to take care of your mental health. This is a period of life that has many changes, and you must practice self-care so that you’re not overwhelmed. This could be anything from giving yourself longer study breaks to taking a bubble bath. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you’re taking the time to have fun and be you, because that’s what’s important.

Attitude is everything. Set yourself up to have a great year 7. Try not to worry about things outside your control, and just have fun with your friends and teachers. Try your best in every subject, and if you’re finding that you’re struggling, there are people here to help you.

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