Is Arlington Asphalt Paving Better Than Concrete?

Asphalt paving for Arlington, TX, properties offers many benefits, especially when compared to standard concrete. While there is no “one size fits all” answer as to which material is better, understanding some of those benefits can help you decide if asphalt is the right investment for your property!

Check out a few reasons why asphalt is a favorite paving material for both residential and commercial property owners. You can then discuss your options with an Arlington asphalt paving contractor and know that you’re making the best decision for your home or business. To find out more, visit this website.

Why Dark Arlington Asphalt Paving is Better


You might realize that the dark color of asphalt paving in Arlington offers some advantages over lighter concrete, but first note that a darker color absorbs light, for less glare on the pavement. This is an especially important feature to consider in Texas, where bright sunlight and its resultant glare can mean reduced visibility for drivers.

Dark asphalt also provides a better background for parking lines and other markings. This, too, can mean added traffic safety and less congestion, as drivers can more readily follow directional arrows, lane markings, and other such signs when painted onto dark asphalt! Asphalt also hides skid marks and other discoloration better than concrete, so the pavement tends to look better throughout the years.

Residential property owners might also appreciate dark asphalt, as it provides a nice contrast against flowers and shrubs. Darker asphalt also offers a more unique look than concrete, so your home will stand out from the rest of the houses on the block when you choose asphalt versus concrete.

Arlington Asphalt Paving Is Softer Than Concrete!


Asphalt is naturally softer than concrete, with lots of pits and pores that help absorb sound waves. Asphalt pavement around your home or business can absorb the noise of vehicle traffic as well as sound from nearby highways, production facilities, busy schools and playgrounds, and the like.

Soft asphalt also absorbs impact more readily than concrete, for less wear and tear on vehicles. This softer surface is also why many people prefer blacktop for basketball and tennis courts, jogging trails, and roadways. Asphalt can also slow down the speed of basketballs, tennis balls, and the like, which amateur athletes often appreciate!

Enjoy Added Traction With Arlington Asphalt Paving


Asphalt is naturally bumpy, which means added traction. That added traction can translate to fewer traffic accidents, especially when the pavement is wet. The bumpy surface of asphalt also discourages standing water, so the pavement won’t be as slick after a rainfall. If you’re especially worried about collisions such as for commercial parking lots and public roadways, choose naturally bumpy asphalt versus slick and smooth concrete.

Asphalt Sets Faster and Is Easier to Repair


Another excellent reason to choose asphalt over concrete is that asphalt sets or cures much faster than concrete. In many cases, you can drive on freshly poured asphalt within a day or two of installation. This is a very important consideration for public roadways and commercial parking lots, as you don’t want to impede traffic any more than necessary when it’s time for new pavement installation!

Asphalt is also typically easier to repair than concrete. Even a homeowner can fill in potholes and cracks with simply asphalt patching mixes while repairing concrete might require more complicated mixing and a longer curing time before you can drive over that patch! Asphalt patching also tends to blend in more readily with the current pavement than concrete, so your driveway or parking lot won’t look unsightly after repairs.

It’s also somewhat easy to cover old asphalt with a chip and seal or chip sealant; this includes a layer of liquid asphalt followed by a layer of chips that are then pressed into place. Chip and seal layers are easy to install and usually only need a day to set before you can paint parking lines and then drive over the pavement, while fresh layers of concrete might require concrete mixing trucks and several days if not weeks to cure properly.

Asphalt Paving is Cheaper Than Concrete!


Asphalt paving is typically cheaper than concrete. Price is a vital consideration for any property owner but especially those with a large parking lot or long driveway. You won’t need to put off new paving because of budget concerns when you choose asphalt over concrete!

Since asphalt is often more affordable than standard concrete, you can also invest in new asphalt paving before putting your property on the market. The lower price of asphalt means less money out of your pocket for a property you’re selling, while ensuring your property still looks its best for potential buyers.

Is Asphalt Paving Eco-Friendly?


Some property owners prefer concrete because they assume it’s more eco-friendly than asphalt. It’s true that concrete is made from easily harvested, abundant materials including sand and gravel, and concrete is also recyclable. In some cases, old concrete pieces are tossed into a new mix, breaking down the material and combining it with the new.

However, asphalt is also a very eco-friendly choice for property owners! Asphalt is made from a petroleum-based liquid, mixed with aggregates such as gravel or rock chips. These materials are also easily harvested and readily abundant. Asphalt is easily recyclable, as the materials can be heated and broken down for reuse in new asphalt mixtures.

Concrete installation also typically requires a mixing truck to keep running so it can mix that concrete while it’s being poured and spread, otherwise the concrete can start to cure and harden inside the truck! Operating a mixing truck during installation means fumes and emissions that can be avoided when you choose asphalt installation.

Keep all these points in mind when deciding between Arlington asphalt paving and concrete for your property. Asphalt offers many benefits and is often more affordable, making it an excellent choice for virtually any property owner. It’s also an eco-friendly choice that can mean added safety and improved curb appeal for any home or business.

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