What Are Some Key Slot Formats and Mechanics You Need to Understand?

It’s easy to think that all slot games are the same as the classic machines we’ve seen in the past, but recent versions have introduced interesting new ways of playing you might not have seen yet.

By playing online, you can wager on a huge variety of slots that maintain the timeless appeal of these games while adding in new elements using the latest technology. Which features and mechanics do you need to know about before you start playing?

Retro or Classic Slots


The classic type of slot reminds us of the old-style slot machines that used to be widely available in different land establishments, with five reels and a fairly limited set of special features. We could say that retro games go a step further by adding elements such as neon lights, a retro theme, or the symbols that we used to see often in the past.

This is the simplest type of gameplay you’re likely to see on many titles in the slots lobby.Paddy Power Games has classic slots like Cleopatra and Mystery Stacks, and you can wager in this online casino for real cash. Other slots on the site that include a retro feel include 777 Strike and Arctic Fruits. These titles sit side by side with hundreds of other titles on a variety of themes, such as Egyptian Emeralds and Book of the Irish.

Classic slots often have five reels, although some only have three. In addition, timeless slots symbols like fruits, bells, and bars will often be used to show the game’s influences from the past. Alternatively, they could be based on well-established casino themes like Ancient Egypt and Irish luck. Above all, they have very simple gameplay that lets newcomers spin the reels right away without having to learn complex rules.

This is a solid choice of slot for beginners looking for an easy start to their online gaming, or for anyone who is keen to enjoy the sort of gameplay that they recall from the past. Using innovative technology, such as a random number generator, means that they remain fair and unpredictable as more modern-looking slots. Don’t let the simple or old-fashioned look make you think that these are less impressive than other slots.

Megaways Games


This type of slots mechanic was introduced by Big Time Gaming and has given us a dynamic new way of playing, as it provides a constantly changing set of reels. It may include five or six reels, but the layout is altered randomly on every spin, so you can never tell what will happen next. The ever-changing grid of symbols makes it a visually appealing type of game, even over a number of spins.

The biggest effect of this ever-changing format is that the number of ways of winning varies from one spin to the next. These slots give thousands of ways of winning, which increases the chance of a paying combination popping up on some spins. Look out for a special section on the screen telling you how many ways to win are present on each spin you play.

You can find Megaways versions of popular slots, as this change adds some extra unpredictability to a game that you might have enjoyed before in the original versions. Titles with this approach include Dynamite Riches Megaways, Big Bass Bonanza Megaways, and Eye of Horus Megaways. If you liked the original, there’s a good chance that you also enjoy the updated version using Megaways.

Daily Jackpots


These slots typically play in a similar way to others and can use the mechanics as noted for the types listed above. However, the key difference is that there’s a jackpot that has to be claimed by a player every day. In fact, the jackpot may be linked to a few slots on the same casino site.

The way to win the jackpot varies from game to game. While you might need to get a certain set of matching combinations on one game, another might simply activate the jackpot at random. This means that the gameplay typically remains very simple, but the possibility of a big prize is added on top of the normal prizes shown in the paytable.

Mega Pays Slots


You may also see some slots with the word Megapays included in the title. Often, you’ll see both the main version and also a Megapays version of a slot on the same site. The key difference is that Megapay’s games have a series of four jackpots, which are known as Mega, Major, Midi, and Mini.

The jackpot feature is triggered at random, and when this happens, you’re awarded a particular symbol from the game. This is your jackpot symbol and you need to then try to get as many instances of it as possible on your next spin. The number of these symbols you get will determine which of the four jackpots you can claim.

As with the Megaways mechanism that we looked at earlier, the Megapays engine provides developers with a way of freshening up a slot that has already proved to be successful in a classic format. Some of the games that have been released in this way so far are Bonanza Megapays, Primal Megapays, and Reel King Megapays.

It’s worth bearing in mind that jackpots of this type take up a percentage of the game’s return to player (RTP) figure. What this means is that you may be less likely to win a prize in the base game due to the chance of winning a bigger jackpot. However, since the RTP is calculated over thousands of spins, there is no way of knowing whether you will win a jackpot or standard prize on any given spin.

By trying each of these types of slots, you can get a highly varied playing experience and work out which of these ways of playing best suits your style. With diversity increasing all the time, there’s something for every type of player to discover.

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