6 Tips For When You Need to Hire Professional Bathroom Remodelers

Professional bathroom remodelers provide an excellent service for any homeowner! A professional renovation contractor can create more storage space while updating a bathroom’s style instantly. Additionally, a remodeling company ensures its work is safe and up to local building codes.

However, some homeowners might avoid hiring a renovation contractor simply because they find the process difficult to navigate. In turn, they might try a DIY renovation or just keep tolerating an outdated bathroom space. To avoid having this happen to you, check out 6 tips for when you need to hire a bathroom remodeling pro. For more info, visit website.

Step 1: Set Your Budget Before Speaking to Bathroom Remodelers


Before you call any bathroom remodelers, decide how much you can spend on your remodel. This is a vital first step for many reasons! One is that you don’t want a contractor talking you into spending more than you can afford. Two, your home might need repairs and updates before a contractor can begin renovation work.

Additionally, you might avoid trying to price various materials and assume you can or should budget for those items individually. A contractor might have access to low-cost alternatives. On the other hand, he or she might know that prices you see online don’t reflect current or local pricing. To avoid these hassles, start with a set number for your budget and then search for a contractor.

Step 2: Start With Some Reputable Contractors

Your next step in finding a bathroom renovation contractor is to make a list of contractors who service your area. Then, check their reputations. Keep a list of their overall reviews on Google, Houzz, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack. These are some of the largest websites that allow consumers to place contractor reviews.

Once you’ve checked their reviews, eliminate all but the highest-rated three or four contractors. Doing so will help reduce the risk of working with a disreputable contractor. In contrast, starting with contractors boasting a history of outstanding reviews more likely ensures your satisfaction with their results.

Step 3: Don’t Overwhelm Your Contractor With Specifics


Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential contractors, you’ll want to start a conversation with them about your project. However, you don’t want to overwhelm them with specifics! For example, you might note that the space needs more storage, but avoid dictating the specific linen closet size you prefer.

One reason for this is that your specific expectations might not be workable in the space. Two, contractors need to work their plans around local building codes, as said. In turn, a contractor might not be able to accommodate those specifics.

Instead of asking for too many specifics, communicate desired changes and then note suggestions a contractor offers. For instance, rather than dictating they expand the linen closet, simply note that you need more closet space. In turn, he or she might note if they can’t expand the current closet for any reason. However, they might suggest a second linen closet, added shelving, and the like.

The only exception is if there are absolute details you prefer, for example, solid stone countertops versus laminate. This approach not only ensures your space meets local codes but will also offer a stunning result you’ll love. Also, you can gauge a potential contractor’s communication skills and talents! Avoid a potential contractor who cannot offer solutions and new design plans for your intended renovation.

Step 4: Ask the Right Questions

Another step to choosing a contractor with good communication skills is to ask the right questions! One important question is if they guarantee their installations and for how long. After all, you don’t want to deal with water leaks, loose tile, and other issues after they’ve completed your project!

Also, it’s vital that you ask about completion guarantees, meaning a guarantee that they’ll finish the job as promised. A reputable contractor should have a specific completion timeframe they offer, in writing. Additionally, as with any contractor, you’ll want to ask about their license, insurance, and bond. These also ensure quality work and offer protection against damage, an incomplete job, and the like.

Step 5: Don’t Choose By Price Alone!


Once you’ve decided on a few contractors with whom you feel comfortable, don’t choose by price alone! While you might want to save as much money as possible, low-cost renovations aren’t always best in the long run. For instance, a contractor might use low-quality paint on the walls to save money. While this might mean a lower price quote, it can also mean less protection against humidity and more visible dirt!

Also, there is nothing wrong with asking a contractor how to save money on your project. In truth, a good contractor should be happy to help you reduce renovation costs, without sacrificing quality. As an example, they might suggest stone remnants for your counters. These offer a more limited selection but are typically cheaper than freshly cut stone.

Step 6: Read Everything Carefully Before Signing on the Bottom Line!

According to, a reputable contractor should have a written agreement outlining everything you’ve discussed with him or her. Be sure you read it carefully before signing! Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything you don’t understand or haven’t discussed. Above all, you should refuse to sign if the price is not final or anything else beyond what you discussed.

Additionally, note that reputable contractors will leave the agreement with you and give you a window of time to sign. This allows you to research any terms you don’t understand. Also, this allows you to back out of the project if you have second thoughts! Avoid a contractor who shows up with an agreement in hand and insists on an immediate signature.

One last point to remember is that you should hire a contractor who seems attentive to your concerns. While he or she can’t take time away from a project just to chat, they should be happy to update you periodically. Quality bathroom remodelers know that a renovation project is overwhelming and should be happy to help you through the process.

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