12 Most Innovative Cannabis Products Of 2024

When we talk about products made from cannabis or that contain parts of this plant, we cannot help but think of the scandalous way in which they were consumed – that is, by smoking a joint. However, we are all witnessing how this industry is evolving in a direction in which the plant goes beyond controversy and begins to be used for health and recreational purposes.

The decriminalization of marijuana and all cannabis plants, in general, is a long topic, which we will surely talk more about on another occasion. Today we are here to remind you of the most innovative products that come from this plant. Many of them are not new at all, but they are a real revolution in pharmacy or cosmetics and of course, in the ways in which the benefits of cannabis can be used.

Let’s not stray from what we are aiming for, we will move on to the main topic of today’s article – innovative ways in which marijuana is used and their benefits:

1. Medical application and cannabis cards


In many countries, to prevent abuse, people who have a real need for such products receive a special card. As you can see on MyMMJDoctor, there are services through which you can check if you are eligible to use such a service. In this way, lying and deception, i.e. abuse of the plant, are prevented.

2. CBD Quantity Testing Gadgets

CBD is the active ingredient that is generally considered useful, i.e. it has no psychotropic properties. There is a problem with small breeders that laboratory tests are expensive. Therefore, there are several gadgets on the market that measure the percentage of CBD and THC in the preparation.

3. Small oil extractors

For those who breed for their own needs, they do not need expensive and large machines. There are several devices on the market, similar to a coffee machine or blender, with which you can extract cannabis oil from your plant yourself.

4. Skin serum


Cannabis is not new to cosmetics, but what can be interesting is that girls and guys with long hair can use cannabis-infused serums and masks, and have healthy and shiny hair.

5. Lubricant for sexy games

You need to be careful with these products because many people are prone to allergies. But those who can and have already used it, say that the pleasure and stimulation are unique. However, it still takes time for this product to be perfected.

6. Automatic grinder

If you have to separate a large number of leaves, flowers, and seeds, it will be difficult for you to do it manually. That’s why there are gadgets that do this automatically. You just need to load the plant in the tank and then the machine does the rest.

7. Marijuana scented perfumes


Although there are non-standard perfumes with cannabis scent, extracts and synthetic equivalents actually give softness and freshness to perfume compositions. And of course, it does not smell of burnt marijuana, but of intense green notes. Do more research, you may find your signature scent.

8. Chewing gum, gummies, and desserts

Many celebrities consume CBD products this way. There are many desserts on the market that contain the active ingredients of cannabis and at the same time are really delicious. And the most interesting thing is that this industry is developing rapidly and many ways are being discovered to consume CBD ingredients by eating.

9. Cakes and cookies for sale

Today, it is common in most parts of the world to find cannabis cakes in a regular store, in addition to those with chocolate or vanilla. In fact, you can choose from so many flavors that you can get creative and learn how to make them yourself at home.

10. Hemp-infused tea


If you are a fan of refreshing herbal tea, you may like the combination with cannabis. Tea has been proven to soothe and allow you to sleep better. You can find many different flavors in specialty stores and combine your favorite, without having strong effects when consuming it.

11. An online course dedicated to cannabis

From recipes for oil, home cosmetics, food, tea, to various uses of cannabis. There are many educational programs and courses on the Internet where you can learn everything that interests you and even gain expertise in this field. You may even become a producer and innovator yourself.

12. Preparations for easier sleep

Melatonin and valerian are not the only ones responsible for good sleep. It has been proven many times that cannabis has such an effect, but you just need to dose it properly. Preparations for better sleep come in various forms – tea, chewable tablets, mouth spray, water drops, aromatherapy, oils and extracts, and so on. If you have trouble sleeping and you no longer know how to help yourself, look for a product that is approved for this purpose. You will be very relieved and you will surely wake up more rested in the morning.



Cannabis and products intended for medical use must be grown and produced under controlled conditions. Although there are some restrictions and tightened controls, in fact, innovations will never stop. There will always be something new and revolutionary and new benefits of CBD products will be discovered, which will open up chances for market placement and big profits for the manufacturer.

Scientific research is not stopped, which is dedicated to discovering as many benefits as possible and to be scientifically confirmed, in order to gain the trust of consumers.

It is really not easy to convince someone who sees marijuana as a drug, to accept it and as something that can be useful to him. Therefore, even more, will be invested in marketing and promotion, but also in educating the population. That way, all the doubts and fears that people have will be removed.

We hope that 2024 will be really full of innovations and new products. Of course, the recommendation remains to use only verified and certified products, which are approved to be produced and distributed – because that way you protect yourself and do not allow the black market to develop at your expense.

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