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6 Things that can Help you Keep your Kids Safe

Children are the most important thing in everyone’s life. From the day you find out your pregnancy has started, it becomes your biggest life preoccupation, worry, and joy. Every parent wants to protect their child completely throughout life. This is of course not possible, especially as he grows up. But from the toddler phase until the end of puberty, it is up to the parents to do everything in their power to keep their child safe. And that is not an easy task at all.

Especially not in today’s world where you have to look out for them both in real and in the online world, something your parents didn’t have to face. Today’s children spend more time online playing video games than playing football with their friends, but you have to protect them in both places. Both in the virtual world and in the real world, where they are also threatened by many dangers.

We will tell you what are the things you can do or what can help you to keep the highest possible level of safety, and it concerns the most diverse things that every child and parent encounters.

Online security

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We will start with what many parents are not familiar with and what they find difficult to cope with, which creates additional fear for them. However, there is no reason to be worried, you do not have to be an IT expert to successfully solve the problems that threaten children while they are online.

Keep the computer in a visible place

You need to supervise the child, especially the first couple of years. Do not put a computer in his room, but let it be a living room or similar space where you will have a constant insight into what is happening. Also, since everyone today uses smartphones that offer almost the same computer capabilities, make an agreement with your child that he or she should not use the Internet on the phone without you being informed about it. These are all steps you can take before puberty, and then it will become more difficult, but we will talk about it later.

Be careful what you post

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Not only does the child need to be careful, but also when you post photos and other things on social media. Whatever you do on the internet, it makes you a digital footprint. Be careful what the digital footprint will look like. Post as few things as possible in public, rather setting options so that only your friends can see photos, for example. And that’s if you have a few Facebook friends, not if it’s thousands, whose intentions you certainly can’t know. Be especially careful to publish as little as possible about your child. You’ve noticed how rarely you can see photos of celebrity children’s faces. This is for the reason that they would not endanger their safety. You should do the same. Be responsible and in that way, you will set an example. Children look up to their parents and if they see that you are responsible, they will be too. And vice versa.

Use spy apps

You remember that in the previous part of the text we said that it will be easy to monitor children while they are very young, but as they get older, they will refuse to let you have full insight into their digital footprint. Which doesn’t mean you should lose insight, though, because they are still not mature enough to keep themselves safe from all dangers. While some would say it is an invasion of privacy, it is necessary to install spy apps, like, into their computer, smartphone and tablet. That way you will continue to have a complete insight into everything they do. You will have information about calls, messages, search history and everything else. Of course, you have to be realistic and when you realize that the child is old enough, to give him the necessary privacy, and not to continue to spy on him when he is twenty years old. One of the apps that you need to check out is the Kidsguard Pro and you can read this review for more information.

Monitor activities

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It is not enough to just monitor their activities online. You have to do that in everyday life as well. When they are at school or when they are playing outside with other children. You need to know with whom they are spending time and make sure they do not fall under bad influence. Also, keep track of what they are watching on TV and use the options that every modern TV has. And that is to limit the channels that are accessible to children.

Protect them from bullying

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Bullying is one of the most stressful things any kid can encounter. And there will be at least one bully in each school. The best way to help them fight such problems is to love and support them, which will lead to self-confidence and building trust with you. In this way, they will first be able to deal with such problems on their own, because bullies usually look for those who are insecure. And even if they happen to have a problem, if you have built trust, the child will turn to you for help and you will solve the problem quickly, and he will know that he has support in you. It is also a good thing to install a panic button on their phone so that they can always contact you quickly if problems arise.

Sunscreen, hand disinfectants and more

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Teach your child to use all these essential things. Teach him not to go outside in the sun without putting on the sunscreen properly, as he can get sunburns. Then teach him to always carry a hand sanitizer gel with him, because bacteria and viruses are all around us. This is especially important now during the pandemic. In one word, teach them to be responsible.


The foundations of a healthy life are made from the earliest days. Teach them to eat healthy food and to love it, not to eat it because they have to. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats in your diet and in this way you will protect your child from the earliest days in the long run.

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