Is It Healthy To Oil Your Hair Every Day – 2024 Guide

Haircare is another part of self-care that we must not compromise on. But it is also very important to find the right way to do it. When it comes to hair, trends change many times, but one is eternal – a healthy and well-groomed look. Nowadays, there are various types of cosmetics, from suitable shampoos to oils and serums, with which you strengthen the hair.

Sometimes, we go back to the methods used by our grandmothers, such as natural soaps and the use of various oils, in order to maintain the softness of the hair.

What role do oils play?


When the hair is clean and washed, the hair is stretchier because it is still wet. Many care products are applied just after you soak up excess water with a towel and the hair is still damp. The structure is actually porous, which means that nutrients and nourishing ingredients get inside. The role of the oil is to seal all that, i.e. not to allow the moisture to evaporate quickly.

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The trend of using the oil every day

In 2024, the slugging method became very popular, which is applied to very dry skin and cracked lips. An occlusive preparation, known as petroleum jelly, is applied, which has a rather oily consistency. With the help of this product, the hydration in the skin is maintained as long as possible, ie it does not allow the skin to leave through the pores. This has proven to be a very successful method for those with very dry skin. Of course, it would not suit everyone, just as daily use of hair oils is not for everyone.

Ideal for those with very dry and brittle hair. Very often the use of products for deep hydration has no purpose because we do not seal the ingredients inside the hair’s structure, i.e. we let it disappear.

You are probably already beginning to understand the purpose of this method. But in this article, we will consider whether it is necessary to do it every day, or it is better to take breaks between two treatments.

1. You achieve incredible hydration


By properly hydrating your hair, you protect it from brittleness and dryness. When you apply oil to clean hair, you help retain as much water as possible in the hair structure. Many people who have dry hair put oils before bathing and leave them on for a few hours.

This is a great way to reduce the aggressive effect of the shampoo, but combing will be much simpler. The role of fat in this method is protective and reparative, which means that with proper use, you will have a really silky ornament on your head and you will look healthy and well-groomed.

Deep hydration has another amazing benefit. You actually preserve the pigment in your hair, which is a great way to prevent premature whitening, and thus firmness and elasticity.

2. Protects your head from the outdoor pollution

Harmful gases and airborne particles can do nothing to your hair as long as it is protected with suitable oil. But there is always another risk – oils leave a sticky buildup even on the top of the head, which means that dirt is easier to stick to you.

This is one of the indicators that you should not apply oil every day, especially if your hair is not freshly washed. If you put on unwashed hair, you are actually sealing the dirt and letting it stick to the skin, which surely is not beneficial at all.

Washing daily with shampoo is also not appropriate, so we can conclude that this protection applies to microparticles, but not to larger contaminants.

3. Proper care, but with limited effect


Given all these things we have said so far, we can conclude that any method of care can have long-term positive effects, but only if properly dosed. If you apply a sufficient amount of oil, you will achieve excellent coverage along the entire length, without the risk of a sticky finish. But if you overdo it, even one drop more, you risk your hair looking stuck and lifeless.

4. Use oils that are appropriate for your hair type

If you have oily hair and scalp, avoid this method, as it can lead to clogging of the scalp and a horrible appearance. And if you have dry hair and skin prone to dandruff, then choose the oil that suits you. The choice is great – jojoba, almond, walnut, coconut oil, argan, macadamia oil, sage, rosemary or rosehip, and so on. Fortunately, oils are available everywhere at good prices and you can even experiment with combinations.



In this article, we have presented some really important facts related to the use of oils in the care of your hair. But if we summarize the facts, the conclusion is that those with oily hair and oily scalp should avoid oily care products. The hairstyling method is great for those who are dry, prone to breakage and losing color.

But the main conclusion of this whole topic is that you should not do it every day. If you insist, you must apply oils to clean hair, and daily use of shampoo can have the opposite effect. Never cover yesterday’s oil residue with a new coat. It will only attract more dirt and really cause you problems. And you certainly do not want to sleep and your extremely oily hair on the pillow and all over your face.

In that case, things are more than clear – use oils, but once or at most twice a week, to have not only benefits but also to avoid extreme oversaturation and side effects. Only then will you have the desired healthy look of your hair.

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