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Dermatology Tips – Dry Skin Reasons and Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Dry skin is a big problem among teenagers and even adults. But hardly a few know why this happens and how to get rid of dry skin. If you have healthy skin, it has a 10 to 35 percent outer layer of water in your skin. But once you started to feel dryness, your skin will lose the water and then it gets scorched. According to Ecellulitis,  sometimes, it can be solved with a regular moisturizer, but in a few cases, you can not even deal with anything.

The skin has glands called sebaceous that are known for producing sebum. Sebum is basically a form of oil, and it is made up of sugars, fatty acids, waxes, and many other natural chemicals, and it generally gives protection to our skin. If your body is not producing enough sebum, then you will feel extreme dryness, but there are other reasons as well.

Water is the most significant reason behind most of the skin issues people are facing nowadays. Either you are not drinking a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, or you are drinking water, but that is not purified. In this case, the industrial RO water purifier has a significant role to play to keep you and your skin hydrated.

Let’s Look At Other Reasons Why Your Skin Might Feel Extreme Dryness


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It is not about drinking water; it is about consuming pure and healthy water. Drinking our and healthy water protects you from the possible dehydration and waterborne disease, and in this where RO Care India plays a significant role by providing the best possible methods for getting pure and healthy water.

You might have dehydrated skin, and it’s almost impossible to deal with that. If you are the type of person who is suffering from OCD, you will have to face the dryness issue. Excessive contact with water leads to dryness. You might bath quite often or wash your face and hands frequently; the usual result will be dryness as your skin with water and washing products combined with drying out sebum quicker than any production process will allow for.

If you are a simmer, there is a high chance that you will face dryness. You can keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of purified water and applying moisture every time you get off from water.

Health Issues

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If you have internal health issues such as diabetes, kidney problem, or any skin allergy or hypothyroidism, you will face dry skin for sure. Having any of these diseases means you have to take medicine every day to keep these maintained. The medication side effects will target your skin and will lead to excessive dryness.

Especially, if these diseases are not under control, there is a high chance of skin break out now and then. Just like excessive oily skin is terrible, excessively dry skin is also awful because it will be the reason behind early aging.

Skincare Products

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Well, you will find a lot of products around the market that are claiming to be the perfect skincare product. There are a lot of people who believe in them and try out different products available in the market. Those products might be right but might not be perfect for your skin.

When you are suffering from excessively dry skin, you are suggested to go for the products that are made by any baby brand. You should consider your skin as sensitive as a baby. Proper care of your skin instead of trying different products will let you get rid of dry skin in the long run.

How to Cure

The basic technical term of dry skin is Xerosis, and it can affect a person at any stage or age. It is not like that; you didn’t have dry skin since childhood means you will never have it when you are an adult. Dry skin can affect you anytime if you are not maintaining a proper lifestyle and diet.

In general, when you will be elder, the sebum will naturally produce less, and that will be a reason behind your dry skin. Apart from that, aging is the biggest reason when you will lose the average blood streamflow.

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Dry skin is always curable, if not correctly but you can at least make it considerable. If you are feeling dryness extremely, then you should visit a dermatologist immediately and ask the doctor for help. However, before visiting any dermatologist, you must think when exactly your skin started to get dry, and you will be easily able to figure out the primary reason. It can be because of random products or your living environment or water.

If you think you are suffering from dryness because of any of these reasons, you should change the products and switch to a good moisturizer, drink a lot of purified water, and hopefully, your problem will be resolved. You must avoid direct sun exposure to get rid of dry skin, never step out without using sunscreen and of course do not forget to apply it to the gap of two hours.

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