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Best Irish Themed Slot Games to Check Out

When you think about Ireland, the first thing that comes to mind is the shamrock, green bear, rainbows, beautiful pubs, polite and happy people who enjoy their life, and almost everything reminds you of luck and money. That’s why it’s an inspiration when creating new casino games, especially slots.

Ireland is renowned for being a lucky place and the Irish have plenty of symbols that are said to bring them plenty of extra luck, like the leprechaun, the horseshoe, and the rainbow which is why they are often so heavily featured and players notice it when accessing popular online casino websites such as or similar themed platforms. Take a lot at these Irish themed slot games and see if any of the popular symbols can bring you as much luck as they have for hundreds of other players before you.

Rainbow Riches

One of the best slot games in the SlotRank Charts is that of Rainbow Riches which is hugely popular with slot gamers all over the world. The aim of this game is to find the end of the rainbow, and with three bonus games, there are plenty of ways to help you to improve your chances. This is a medium variance slot from Barcrest which was released in May 2009 but has stayed popular. This slot has an RTP of 95% and has a maximum exposure of 500 coins which can be accessed through placing bets from 1p to £400 on this 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot. Bonus features include three bonus games, as well as multipliers, scatters, and wilds.

Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins

With a friendly leprechaun to guide you through the Irish pastures, you have all the help you need to navigate your way towards a pot of gold and if you’re really lucky, two. Combining Irish lucky symbols with card suits, this has been a highly successful slots game from Blueprint that was released in June 2015 and has an RTP of 95.05%. This is a high variance slot with a maximum win capacity of 50,000 coins, where bets can be placed from 10p to £100 to spin the reels on this 5 reel, 10 pay-line video slot that pays out in both directions. The only major bonus features are the high paying symbols, but there is so much magic hiding in this slot that you won’t notice the lack of alternative bonus features.

Leprechauns Magic

One of the latest Irish themed slots to grace our screen is that of Leprechauns Magic which may only have been released in March 2024 but has already gained itself a significant position in the SlotRank Charts in 27th place. Align 5 leprechaun symbols to increase your pay by 500. Expanding symbols, free spins, wilds, bonus symbols, and the Bonus Wheel are all significant bonus features in this slot which is a high variance game with an RTP of 95.03%. Red Tiger has done well with this Irish and leprechaun themed slots online game which you can play any time you like by placing bets from 20p to £10 per reel spin. This is a 5 reel, 10 pay-line video slots game, where the leprechauns are the star of the show but the pots of gold may just be a little more lucrative if you can find them hiding in amongst other popular Irish symbols on your reels.

Irish Eyes

This is another one exciting spinning game, that is inspired by the lucky symbols of Ireland. You need to match these symbols, in order to win, and if you get the red-haired woman, she will give you even more free spins. Many of the players enjoy this game and find it very challenging and exciting. It even has a spin-off named Irish Eyes 2. The name comes from the eyes of the fields with that red-haired lady we mentioned in this paragraph, who is looking at you and inspire you to spin more and more.

Dublin Diamonds

Another one green-themed game, with a lot of rainbows and leprechauns who bring the lucky pot of gold with them. You virtually get in Dublin, and you are excited you are there, to see how shiny it is. Then, you enter the casino and sit in front of the slots machine. You need to catch the diamonds, so you can win. The more of the green lucky symbols you match, the bigger are the chances to win. Another one thing that will bring you luck is the lucky clover or shamrock, which is the best one you can get in Irish-themed games of luck.

Golden Shamrock

This is another one lucky game you can find through online casino platforms. It contains all the Irish lucky charms, and you need to find them all to win the game. Once you are signed in, you are starting and an exceptional journey full of green and gold themed things, charms, diamonds, gold, shamrock, and Leprechauns who bring the golden sticks in their hats. This game is exciting for both the newbies and experienced players. So, if you believe in the Irish and Celtic symbols, this game will probably bring a lot of luck to you.

Irish Charms

Isn’t there any better name for this type of game than this? It contains two simple words, that are very powerful at the same time because they bring all the Irish luck with them. Once you start playing it, you will see a lot of pots of gold, horseshoes, clovers, leprechaun hats, and rainbows, and it all looks colorful and vibrant. The best thing is that many people around the world prefer exactly this game over any other, no matter where they are based. It is a whole green, with carefully designed details, so you can have a more realistic feeling while you play.

Ireland brings a lot of luck with its symbols and charms, and probably, they will be lucky for you. That’s why many casino games are inspired by this country. If you like it, you probably need to try it and see if the lucky clover and pots of gold will do their magic for you.

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