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What is the Best Coffee Machine for Home use?

Say what – you need a coffee machine? Congrats! This means that you’ve finally decided to start preparing this most delicious beverage in the warmth of your home, just the way you want it. However, the truth is, waiting in line at Starbucks, which extends to the door (and sometimes even further) has its charms.

Because it’s Starbucks, and we’d probably fly to the moon and back if by any chance it was there. We’d sell our souls to the devil for just a single tiny sip of our favorite mocha from that irresistible coffee shop in the hood. And sometimes it’s really cool for us to walk down the street with a hot, paper cup full of love without even bothering to make it ourselves.

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But when you think about it, well, is there anything better than being able to make your own fragrant drinks for yourself and your friends, whenever your heart desires? That’s how you came up with the idea to finally get yourself a sweet, ultra-useful machine that’ll meet all your needs.

Of course, if it stays within your home, that’s fine, but who knows – maybe you’ll like all that with the machines so much that you’ll come up with running your own production and make capsules yourself. In that case, you’ll probably need a suitable coffee capsule filling machine – and, if you woopacking, you’ll be able to check some details related to that as well.

But let’s go back to your device. We solely intend to support you in that decision and that’s why we have selected several options that have proven to be good judging by the user reviews. You can also check out The Brew Therapy for a variety of different café supplies such as filter coffee machines and coffee grinders. Enjoy!

Nespresso Vertuo Next

This cute, small device measuring 14x38x32 is incredibly simple to use – that’s the first positive feature we can list. This and many more, you can find here as well. A single click of a button and a capsule in the machine are enough – and there it is – you can already hear the sound of blending and coffee pouring in the cup – it only needs a couple of seconds of warm-up and there you go.

Currently, available models can only work with capsules, so if that fact doesn’t bother you, then it’s definitely worth considering.

The consistency of the obtained drink is perfect – the only thing that can be a problem is the lack of a mechanism for milk foam, in case you’re a fan of drinks that are milkier such as latte, macchiato and the rest of them.

Besides, it’s great for preparing espresso and other stronger coffee beverages, it’s simple and elegant in design and comes in several colors, which makes it phenomenal and perfect to fit with already existing appliances and your kitchen design. You can visit Convergentcoffee for more details.

Lavazza Jolie Plus

Also a member of the Nespresso family, but much more affordable – you can find it on Amazon for a fantastic price of $90, and at the same time, you get a completely satisfactory quality that exceeds the proportionally allocated amount of money.

The dimensions are 330 x 125 x 215mm, which means that it belongs to the range of smaller appliances that’ll fit much easier on your kitchen work area and won’t take up too much space, so you don’t have to worry about it. Metallic colors and sleek design also contribute to making it look extremely modern.

The handle on the top ensures that the capsules are neatly placed in the space provided, and you’ll also get an alert the moment the mechanism recognizes that the water container is almost empty so that you can refill it.

Since the price is as it is, the size of the water tank is smaller than with some similar models, but that shouldn’t be a problem except in cases when you really need huge amounts of coffee. Decaffeinated beverage lovers will also be pleased with this machine, as one of the 16 available options is just that. All in all, quite a solid solution, and probably the most affordable for the pocket you’ll find.

Sage Oracle Touch

It should be said at the beginning – this isn’t a cheap machine. Not even close – and you’ll probably have to set aside almost 20 times bigger amount of cash for it than you would for the previous one. But if you have really decided to invest in a quality device that has all the functions you dreamed of, then start saving, as it’s worth every penny.

With dimensions of 46x46x55cm, it’s clear to you that we don’t speak any longer about mini-machines, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need a special work panel just for it, as it’s still quite convenient and comfortable to use.

If you’ve looked at some options before and noticed the Sage brand, you know roughly what kind of design it is – stainless steel and a small touchscreen where you can choose the drink you want and get it in just a few clicks.

Another great thing is that you can mix the available versions of the drinks and make your own, and then save it as one of the options, so you don’t have to repeat the process over and over again. So cool! You’ll feel like you are next to a coffee vending machine or a coffee shop. It cleans itself, and is probably all you’ve ever wanted – the only drawback is the dizzying price that isn’t acceptable to everyone.

Breville OneTouch VCF108

You’ll like this one – especially because of its lovely, warm rose gold buttons combined with a cold touch of  stainless steel base and its cute design.  The process of coffee brewing is extremely simple, just like in the previous suggestions, but here you can do it either by pods or by grinding coffee. Therefore – you have a couple of options.

People love when they can customize things – that’s why you will surely be delighted by the possibility of determining the heat of the milk, the amount of coffee being poured and the absolutely shiny and creamy structure that you get with your drink.

At the same time, the price is quite justified and appropriate, since the water tank size is enough for 1.4 liters of water, which means a lot of coffee, dimensions are 31x27x29cm, and you don’t have to buy additional parts that make milk foam – the machine does everything itself.

Gaggia Classic

Last, but not least, there’s Gaggia Classic. Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus everywhere, this company has decided to lower the prices of most of their devices, so if you haven’t chosen one yet, have a look at this simple, but still powerful tiny device – maybe you’ll be able to find it at a much more affordable price than ever before.

Espresso lovers will especially love this variant, as making this drink is definitely the strong point of this device. At the same time, with just a few buttons, it really couldn’t be easier to use, and the results are phenomenal.

It takes less than a minute to warm up, the strength of the taste is much more intense than with some other models produced by this brand, and in order to function properly, it just needs to be given enough time to perform the process properly. And of course, the size, which is 23x38x24cm, seems to be super awesome for fitting in everyday living space!

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