Complete List: 8 Best Sourcing Agent In China

When establishing cooperation with Chinese suppliers, the communication you achieve is very important. That is why it is best to hire a sourcing agent, because they will have much more knowledge and experience than you. In that case, you will save a lot of time and money. You will not make big mistakes, and you can get everything you really need. First, explore some of the most famous sourcing agents in China. Below we have made a list that contains the best rated companies.

1. Just China It


This China export agent has established itself as one of the best and most reliable over the last 11 years. Experts working for this company have so far achieved over 100 thousand successful sourcing for businesses which has led to a significant reduction in various types of costs, such as warehouse charges and shipping freight. On JustChinaIt website, you will find transparent results and a list of clients to make sure you have chosen the right company.

2. Leeline Sourcing


This company perfectly understands your needs or the needs of clients around the world. To make the best possible contact with manufacturers, consider Leeline Sourcing. They started a business with small and medium-sized sellers, but over time they progressed and became bigger than that. So, now they have comprehensive services that will be of great benefit to you, especially when it comes to procurement from China. Leeline Sourching is very professional, which means that it will offer you rich knowledge, high expertise and correct methods.

3. Supplyia


It is a very transparent procurement company. If you find it difficult to find your way in the manufacturing industry in China, we advise you to opt for experts such as Supplyia. They will help you keep track of production, inspection, packaging, shipping and all other processes that take place in production. So, it will be there for you during every step that happens in importing and exporting products. In that case, you will eliminate potential problems with inventory handling. Your business deserves only the best, so be careful when choosing the companies whose services you will use.

4. Hunter sourcing


The company is located in Haining, Zhejiang Province. This east coastal city is definitely the most developed if we look at it from the economic aspect. It is very close to Shanghai, and surrounded by other cities such as Yiwu, Wenzhou and others. Either way, it’s a company that will definitely offer you great service. If you, like most international customers, are not familiar with Chinese products and industrial processes, let them find the ideal factory for you.

For example, Hunter sourcing will allow you to collect products, confirm samples, factory verify, and more. So, you can find many solutions for the supply and supply chain. In that case, you will save a lot of money and time. We must note that members of their team have at least a few years of work experience. They are also trained with a wide range of export knowledge, but they know the need and culture of foreign buyers equally well.

5. Sourcing bro


A fiery desire for success, a strong will and a lot of effort are stronger than all temporary obstacles. This is exactly the main motto of this company, which has succeeded in its business, which is why it is on our list. So, nothing could stop them from getting to where they are at the moment. They have a very interesting story behind today’s success, but the end result is amazing.

They work with a large number of manufacturers in China, and among them are well-known brands such as Parada, Miumiu, Coach, etc. They perfectly manage logistics, procurement analysis, logistics, product quality and other important elements of business. They are aware of the frequent changes that are happening in marketing and that is why they are always ready to provide different services.

6. B2c Sourcing


With B2C Sourcing you will no longer have a problem getting product samples. We’re sure you’ll have minimal fees when it comes to importing samples which means you’ll have to worry much less throughout the process. Thanks to a company with a great team and staff that is cooperative, you can save a lot of money and time.

So, they will help you connect with the right vendors to suit your needs and desires. Your target audience will be kept in mind at all times, as well as pre-shipment inspections. You don’t have to worry about freight forwarding either, because it’s enough to say where the product will be delivered.

7. Iris International


The company you want to hire must have a wealth of knowledge. It’s not just about business skills. A professional team of people must know China. Only a company like Iris International can really help you. If you opt for them, they can help you achieve great business success. They will be with you from the very beginning until the final delivery. Do not forget that this is a process that requires great responsibility, constant monitoring, commitment and a professional team. We are sure that this company will offer you more than that.

8. Skylark


Skylark is located in Yiwu, China. After several years of effort and successful work, this company has become one of the most influential in Yiwu and Ningbo. In order to be able to respond to the different needs of customers and provide exceptional quality of services, they have raised their business to a higher level and expanded their business. Thanks to this business move, they cooperate with international clients who exist in large numbers. For example, most satisfied customers come from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, UK, Italy, etc. They have a serious team of people and a powerful sourcing net. Regardless of the type of industry, they are ready to offer you great ideas and solutions to your business problems.


Focus on professionals who have enough knowledge and experience to import and export. The best sourcing agent in China, will be well acquainted with all the laws and paperwork when it comes to this area. This means that it will be involved in all important issues concerning the import and export process. For example, this includes requirements for certificates, documents, licenses, etc. However, it is equally important to find suitable manufacturers. So don’t forget about your needs as well as limitations.

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