6 Benefits of Illuminated Signs For Advertising And Marketing  

While there are many advanced methods for marketing and promotion today, especially those related to internet services and social networks, there are also traditional methods that are working perfectly for a long time. One of the best ways to promote your brand is by an ad with an illuminated sign that will attract people who are passing nearby. When we are looking from the psychological aspects, it is proved that there is a much bigger chance that people will become more interested in your company if you have a clear advertisement of your products and services. 

When it comes to illuminated signs, we can see them in all kinds of places like roads, buildings, streets, and more. Also, you can place some attractive signs in your office or when you are attending some event or a trade fair, like flat cut letters that you can find at With the right size and design, your commercial signs can have a great effect on the audience and improve your business in terms of status and revenue. Here are some of the most important benefits of illuminated signs for advertising and marketing.

1. All-Day Round Visibility


The main advantage of illuminated signs is that people can notice them during the night, which is not the case with ads that don’t have a backlit. This solution can be a great way to attract more people by choosing to promote some features of your business. For example, placing an ad that says that your working time is 0-24, that you are accepting cryptocurrencies, that there are some great deals and discounts, and much more. Advertisement with a proper LED system will get you noticed more likely than standard signs with a lack of backlit.

2. Better Visibility


As we already mentioned, the implementation of lights in your marketing strategy related to placing advertisements in visible places all over the town can significantly increase the number of potential customers. Besides the LED lights, you can choose some great alternatives as well, such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent diodes that are much cheaper options. Also, you can create a unique design and choose colors that could somehow represent your business and the main focus of your company.

By placing a lightning sign, more people will look at your store because it is in our nature to pay attention to the brighter objects. The advantage is that you can attract more people. For example, if you own a bar, one with a LED sign that says that it is opened and some additional information related to best deals, popular beverages, and more, can attract more visitors than one without any sign.

3. Show Your Care About the Environment


While there are different types of lights that you can use, LED lighting systems are known to be the most energy-efficient. Therefore, by placing a sign with LED lights, you are also showing your customers that your business is caring about the environment as well. On the other hand, you will pay less for the bills as well. We can see an increase in people interested in energy-efficient sources of energy and improved measures for saving the environment, and showing them that you are following the same trends could improve the status of your brand on the market.

4. Wide Selection of Designs


There is a high rivalry in almost any sector, and you will need a good marketing strategy for better performance. Besides the well-known methods of combining various online platforms to target potential clients, placing a set of commercials all over the area can improve the popularity of your brand. However, you should know that a lot of companies are using this method, which means that your lightning advertisement must be original and able to represent your business in the right way.

Besides the design, you can also choose between different types of lights for your signs. One of the most popular types is LED, but there are other formats a well, such as Neon, that was very popular for a long time. Also, a lot of people are using a combination of LED and Stencil cut, which can create a much better design of graphics on the commercial. Also, there are other types of signs that are using LED lights, such as Face illumination and Halo backlights.

5. Improved Brand Recognition


You can easily notice how a lot of brands are using only one set of colors that will represent them in the best way. Also, colors can represent and evoke some feelings among people, like the connection between red and passion, green and relaxation, and much more. Some of the most popular companies today, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Facebook, Twitter, McDonald’s, Apple, and many others, are using the same combination of colors and fonts for a long time.

6. Affordable and Effective Method


Placing an ad in some TV show or paying for a commercial on some TV channel can require a great investment. On the other hand, placing a sign with LED lights is much more affordable, and you can pay for a position in some area of town with a lot of passengers. This type of advertising can sometimes enter people’s subconscious and motivate them to look at your company’s offers even though they never knew about your business before.

Last Words

Even though a lot of people today are more occupied with advanced methods of online promotion, you have to know that some traditional methods are still very effective as well. Even a simple sign with the name of your company can get a new meaning with the right combination of colors and proper design. However, a lot of people got used to this type of marketing, which means that you should try to introduce something more creative and unique to attract them. With modern technology and lights that are much more pleasant for the eye and energy-efficient, you can design something outstanding and engaging that will affect more people to become your customers.

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