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35+ Awesome Cosmetic Mockups for Photoshop

It is important to pick up relevant cosmetic mockups if you need to promote your products. However, usually, such mockups are quite expensive because they are made by professional designers. Nevertheless, it is now possible to save some money by getting free cosmetic mockups for Photoshop.
In this article, we will share with you 35 wonderful free cosmetic mockups that are free to use.
Let’s get started.

1. Cosmetic Jar – 2 Free PSD Mockups

These cosmetic jar mockups look extremely stylish because of the good combination of colors. Black and shiny blue do their job and make this template look extremely stylish.

2. Free cosmetic cream jar mockup

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This cosmetic jar mockup looks quite simple and minimalistic. Made in beige and white, it conveys an atmosphere of tenderness and care. What you need to advertise a care product.

3. Cosmetic mockup Free PSD

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This cosmetic mockup in white and pale green looks pretty extraordinary. Unusual print and attractive font make it even more stylish. Change individual elements and the perfect mockup is ready.

4. Cosmetic Bottle – Free PSD Mockup

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This cosmetic bottle mockup will help you surprise potential customers. It is made in black, orange, and white, which looks quite interesting. Depending on the type of your product, it can boost sales and help you build a personal brand.

5. Free Cosmetic Tubes Mockup

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Looking for a proper cosmetic tube mockup? Check out these mockups in deep blue and light red. They look plain and uncomplicated, which is the best universal choice.

6. Cosmetic elements on white background mock up design Free Psd

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Such bottles are multipurpose because they have the simplest design. You can use these mockups for the testers or trial sets of your products.

7. Cosmetic Bottle – Free PSD Mockup

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Why not use this cosmetic bottle mockup in shimmering blue? It will perfectly fit any type of cosmetic products, especially hair foam or conditioner. Do not forget to edit this mockup to your liking and needs.

8. Perfume Mockup+Free Version

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A big part of the success of the new fragrance is attractive packaging. This light pink mockup is perfect for presenting a new perfume from your collection. Make sure to check this out.

9. Top view of beauty product in bottle Free Psd

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This bottle design mockup is to help you with your cosmetic product promotion. Made in white and pale green, it looks cute and to-the-point. Do not forget to edit the mockup.

10. Cosmetic Bottle – Free PSD Mockup

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This free cosmetic bottle mockup is pretty simple but interesting at the same time. The design is made in white and deep purple. Such a good color combination will help you present the product.

11. Free cosmetic tube & box mockup

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These cosmetic tube & box mockups are designed in shimmering blue with the addition of white. It looks luxurious and graceful, isn’t it?

12. Flat lay of perfume bottle mock-up Free Psd

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Consider using this lay of perfume bottle mockup against the cosmetic background. It looks simple and unobtrusive so you do not take any risks. If you are used to simple solutions, such a design is the perfect match.

13. Cosmetics Set – Free PSD Mockup

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This cosmetics set mockup will help you promote the new product line. The design is made in an ombre style so that these mockups look unique and stylish.

14. Free Cosmetic Container Mockup Pack

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This multicolored cosmetic mockup pack draws the attention from the first seconds. It will come in handy for you if you want to promote any type of cosmetic product.

15. Top view cosmetics mockup Free Psd

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This cute cosmetics mockup is perfect for your new product promotion. The design is made in white and beige and this is a great combination for any case.

16. Cosmetics Bottle – 2 Free PSD Mockups

Why not use these cosmetics bottle free PSD mockups in universal design? All the elements are made in green again the transparent background, and such a design is perfect for products like micellar water, gel for washing, liquid for cleansing the skin.

17. Free Dropper Package Mockup Scene

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Check out this dropper package mockup in pale green color. The bottle itself is made in dark glass, and the packaging has a standard no-frills design. Optionally, you can add the desired text or change some elements.

18. Cosmetics arrangement above view Free Psd

This mockup is a good way to present the upcoming cosmetics line. It depicts different types of cosmetics products against the white background.

19. Cosmetic Bottle V02 – 2 Free PSD Mockups

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Just look at these luxurious cosmetic bottle mockups in white and black. The fonts are made in gold color and this adds nobility and chic.

20. Facelover Mockup Free

Need to advertise your face care cosmetics? In dark orange and green colors, these bottle mockups are perfect for product promotion.

21. Cosmetic lipstick packaging Free Psd

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Every woman should have a red lipstick in her cosmetic bag. This mockup depicts a gorgeous lipstick packaging in red and gold.

22. Free Cosmetic Tube PSD MockUps

Check out his free cosmetic tube mockup in pale blue. The fonts are in white so that such a combination looks really beautiful.

23. Top view of cream with leaf mock-up Free Psd

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Look at this cream bottle mockup in light design. Made in white and pale green, it depicts cute little leaves. It seems like this is exactly what you need.

24. Cosmetic Bottles Mockup

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Check out these cosmetic bottles mockup in red and black colors. Quite an interesting solution for those who are looking for something new and fresh.

25. Cosmetic Jar – 2 Free PSD Mockups

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These cosmetic jar mockups are made in white and aquamarine. Make sure to check them out before promoting your new products.

26. Top view of beauty cosmetics with aloe vera Free Psd

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Need to present cosmetic products with aloe vera? This mockup in nude colors will do its job perfectly. Of course, you can also edit and customize the mockup.

27. NEKO cosmetics mockup

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Do not hesitate to our this NEKO cosmetics mockup in a multicolored design. It looks extraordinary because of the design. Check this out before promoting your products.

28. Cosmetic Packaging – Free PSD Mockup

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Looking for an appropriate cosmetic packaging mockup? Maybe this is the right one for you and your products. The design of the packaging is made in white and olive colors which look catchy and fresh.

29. Front view of beauty products mock-up Free Psd

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This mockup depicts two beauty products on a light background. Another simple but stylish solution for the presentation of your new products.

30. Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Showcase Mockup

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This cosmetic bottle packaging showcase mockup is the right one for the new line of products. The combination of black and white is always a win-win.

31. Cosmetic Bottle – Free PSD Mockup

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This cosmetic bottle mockup is perfect for the promotion of natural products. Made in white and blue, it does not look irrelevant.

32. Floral Cosmetics Mockup Scene

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Such a mockup scene looks sophisticated and graceful although the design is quite ordinary. Anyway, we recommend you to check this out if you want to introduce the new cosmetics product.

33. Free Cosmetics Mockups 5 PSD Scene

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Take a look at this delicate free cosmetics mockup scene in light design. It is absolutely free so you can edit and download the mockup at any time.

34. Barber and Cosmetic – Free PSD Mockup

This barber & cosmetic mockup looks pretty interesting: multicolored design, unordinary print, and convenient A4 format. Consider using that for your project.

35. Free Download Cosmetic Mockup

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Another optimal solution for the presentation of the new cosmetic line. Consider using this mockup if you do not like to take risks and choose something extraordinary.

As you see, it is always possible to pick up a relevant cosmetics mockup. All you need to do is to decide what type of design you are looking for. Define your goals and you will find the right free mockup. If you want to see more such mockups, make sure to visit websites such as, Pinterest, Dribble, Behance.

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