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How To Initiate Sex On First Date?

In our society, the romantic script has usually been followed like this Boy likes girl. The boy asks the girl out; boy initiates contact. And then the relationship gets continues. It is like a tradition. Now it is 2024 and things regarding sex and dating are getting changed. Now people …

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Humanity: The Link Between Empathy And Responsibility

The question that is being asked more and more often is: Has the suffering been such a great deal before, or are we’re just more aware of now it because of its presence in the media? Speaking of media – social media has also become a source of frequent ruthless …

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Arzu Aliyeva Explains How Social Media Changed Poetry

Poetry wasn’t one of the subjects most people enjoyed in high school. This is largely because some literature teachers forced their students to overanalyze every verse they read, just like poet Arzu Aliyeva. Aliyeva isn’t only the daughter of the Azerbaijani president, Ilham Aliyev, she is also an accomplished author, …

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