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How to Sort and Get Rid of the Stuff before Moving?

When people hear the word “moving”, they immediately think chaos, stress, and boxes…hundreds of boxes. Naturally, moving to a different city is often a time-consuming, and incredibly stressful process, however, with a little bit of organization and the right tools, you can actually make moving a thing where you will get rid of the things that you do not need, as well as earn some cash in the process.

If you are planning on relocating to a new city, do not worry, this article can help you out. The text below is going to feature some of the best tips and tricks for making a move efficient, less time-consuming, and of course, less stressful. So, let’s take a look at the thing you should do:

First Things First – Prepare Yourself And Your Family For The Move

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There are some things that you should be prepared for before you actually start packing your stuff. These things include:

1. Make Lists And Set a Budget

Do not do anything else before you create several lists, including your timelines. Each of the family members should have a different timeline, depending on what they need to pack and how much time they to pack their stuff. Keep in mind that someone might need a little bit more time. Second, determine what your budget will be. There are various checklist templates online, hence, find one that suits your needs and simply print it out.

2. Tell Your Family, Friends, And Co-workers About Moving

One other thing that you should do is also notify people about your move. There are various things that you must finish before you move including changing your address, forwarding your mail, as well as canceling any subscriptions that you might not want to pay for. You should choose to do this before you start packing since you might be to stress later on.

The Next Step: Packing Everything

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Once done with the aforementioned points, you can slowly, but surely start packing your things. Some things that you might want to consider include:

1. Declutter Your Home – You Will Have Fewer Things to Pack

The most important thing that you should remember is to not move anything that you do not need or use. This means that you should either throw away, sell, or donate some of those things. Additionally, you should also get rid of the furniture that you do not want in your new house.

However, if there are some things that you want to keep, you can choose to store them in a storage unit. So, if you ever need it again, you will know exactly where to find it. For example, some companies will deliver a container to you, then you should load it with the items that you want to keep, and the company will then safely store the container in their facility. If you want to see more information about these mobile self-storage units, click here.

2. You Should Have High-Quality Boxes

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Normally, you might feel tempted to go to a store and take some free boxes that they would otherwise throw – however, this might not be wise. Grocery boxes or ones that are reused can fall apart in your hands while you are loading it or it might fall apart during transit, which is something that can easily damage your stuff. Hence, you should definitely purchase new boxes.

3. Label The Boxes Properly

Labeling the boxes will not only help you pack, but it will also help you when unpacking. For example, you can write your family members’ names on each box that stores their things or you can color-code the boxes. So, when unpacking at the new house, you can take the boxes directly where they need to be. This will save you a lot, I repeat, a lot of time, hence, consider doing this.

4. Always Fill The Gaps Between Items

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If there are any empty areas in the cases, use some newspaper, cloth, or foam to fill in the gaps. By doing this, you can prevent the items inside from moving while in transit, that would otherwise get damaged. Also, another thing you should do is to use tame to secure the bottom and top when you are done packing.

5. You Can Use The Items You Have For Packing

Think about how many things you can actually use to pack things – suitcases, hampers, bags, containers, and different bins, all of them can be used to pack things. These are especially useful for storing clothes and shoes, as well as pillows or sheets. So, you can take up less room while packing all of your possessions.

6. The Kitchen Will Be a Nightmare to Pack

One of the most difficult rooms for packing up will be the kitchen. Just think about all of the things that can break, which means that you should protect it better than everything else. So, use newspapers, bubble wrap, or even cardboard to keep the fragile things safe. Also, you can place towels or cloths in bowls to form a cushion for other things.

Tip For The Moving Day

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Although you might have read all the tips and tricks for moving in the world, you should be prepared for the moving day to be hectic. That is why you should:

  1. Create a Plan And Stick to it – in order to avoid any hassle, ensure that you and your family members follow a plan. Hence, this means that you should decide what items go first, and which things need to be unloaded last. This will save a lot of time and nerves.
  2. Do Not Rush, It Will Save You Time – although it might seem weird, rushing might lead to some mistakes. So, when you are loading the boxes onto the truck, do it without rushing. This will not only save you time, but it will also ensure that nothing gets broken or damaged.


Although moving can be a complex process, by following the tips from this article, the process will automatically become less time-consuming, and it will definitely be less stressful for you and your family. Hence, now that you know what you should do, do not waste any more time and start from the first tip of this article – which is creating a moving checklist that will make your life so much easier.

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