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How Your Living Room Reflects Your Personality

Does your living room reflect your personality? Of course, it does! Bright yellow couches would not usually get featured in the home of a bachelor that loves the outdoors. Nor would expensive modern art hang in the home of a frugal stay-at-home mother with five young children. We’ll discuss different ways that you can check out the personality of a person through the items in their living room.

Some argue that the connection we have with the objects and spaces we inhabit implies a particular manifestation of our inner world. Therefore, the disorder is usually linked to our deepest fears: fear of changes, forgetfulness, lack. Similarly, and depending on the area in which the objects accumulate, it can represent an uncertainty, confusion, or saturation of ideas or projects.

The connection between our personality and our living space can be reflected in various elements. Some are obvious, and some are petty.

1. Colors

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Does a shy and retiring person have a closet full of red? Maybe. But that’s highly unlikely as red tends to represent leaders who charge through life. The following list of colors gives a short description of the common associations with colors:

  • Purple: Perfectionists
  • Yellow: Individuality
  • Brown: Steadfast and true. Likes to be comfortable
  • Orange: Social creatures at heart

2. Patterns

Patterns can certainly say a lot about the personality of the homeowner. A plaid throw over a simple couch can reveal a laid-back person who loves the outdoors. Wall decor with neon, irregular designs could show you a fun-loving, spontaneous person.

Just the fact that the living room features patterns at all could give you a clue to the personality of the owner. Some people like to keep things simple. Others want to add a bit of an edge or style to their surroundings. All of these valuable hints can tell you a lot about a person.

3. Art

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Whether or not a living room features any wall art can tell you a few things about a person. No art on the walls? Perhaps the person is a minimalist that values having as few possessions as possible. Or maybe they don’t like a lot of visual distractions as they go through their home.

Is there a lot of lively, colorful art on the walls? The owner could work in an artistic field or engages in art as a hobby. Maybe the color animates them and gives them energy throughout the day. Or their art could act as a soothing agent. Artistic pieces could serve a lot of purposes. But people who own art tend to get a lot of benefits from owning these pieces.

4. Wall Decor

People who own wall decor tend to fall somewhere on the right of the curve when it comes to easy-going, whimsical personalities. Whether the wall decor in question is woodblock letters of the initials of the house inhabitants, words like “love” or “home” that have special meaning to them, or drawings from their children, wall decor acts as one of the best ways to learn things about the household members.

5. Rugs

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What does a rug say about the inhabitants of the home? Perhaps the owner wants to put a bit of luxury into their surroundings. Or they wanted a way to add a beautiful pattern into their living room. What the existence of a rug tells you is that the owner wants to make their house into a home.

6. Lighting

What living room lighting says about a person is that they put their happiness and overall mood as a priority. Some studies have shown that the right lighting can provide a boost in mood. So turn on the light and get happy!

7. Additional Decorations

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Many other items in the living room can become clues to a person’s personality. Bookcases show you that a person prioritizes quiet time for reading and reflection. A big television can tell you that the owner loves their entertainment. A lack of videos can tell you even more. A glass coffee table can reveal a person with sophisticated tastes.

8. Antique Furniture

We all have that piece of furniture or decorative accessory inherited from our grandparents or parents. It is a memory that often does not fit with new trends, but that is of great emotional value to us.

The furniture that you choose for your living space reflects your personality big time.

An excellent way to take advantage of it is to restore it and complement it with more modern furniture and accessories that you like.

9. Create Your Personal Space

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We all have a hobby, something that we like to do in our free time or it is a routine of ours.

Whether you meditate, do some craft, or paint, you must create a space where you can unleash your creativity or enjoy your favorite moment. Create that corner and make it a part of your home. Decorate it and let everyone see it.

Personalize your space using a hobby or activity that you like.

Choose your style, dare to reflect your personality in every part of your house, and enjoy it!

Avoid Using the Same Furniture Sets

If you want to emphasize your personality with particular decoration, it is best to choose the furniture that identifies you, the colors that you like, and the shapes that represent you. Of course, follow a range of colors and the style you want to implement in your living space.

If a variety of furniture surrounds you, it all reflects your personality.

Some psychologists believe that elements in the living space can serve as a lens through which the observer indirectly infers the traits of one’s personality. A nicely arranged desk, for example, can reflect the highly expressed consciousness of its owner. Mindfulness, to remind ourselves, is reflected in organization, responsibility, discipline.

So, whether your home is impeccably clean and tidy, decorated in a minimalist style, full of classic furniture or a host of memories and reminders of your childhood, friends, and travels – every detail of the space you live in reveals a great deal about to you.

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