How to Keep Your Garden Healthy – 2024 Guide

Gardening is one of the most relaxing activities one can carry out. It is, however, a time-consuming activity that requires your concentration and attention. You have to tend to your garden like you take care of a pet to keep it healthy and aesthetically appealing. If you do not manage to it, then it will become shabby and expensive to put back in order.

Consulting arborists are an excellent source of knowledge, as well as books and journals in maintaining your garden, which is advisable. According to there are several ways of taking care of your garden. 

Mulch Your Garden Beds

You can begin by mulching your garden. This is putting a layer of material on top of your soil to treat it. Mulching materials include tree barks, leaves, sawdust, kitchen scraps, and any other organic materials. The treating of soil, which is your garden bed by mulch will help the soil by killing weeds, to add organic matter to your soil, to add nutrients to your soil, to regulate the soil’s temperature and to retain moisture in the soil among other benefits.

Water Your Garden Regularly

You have to be careful while watering your plants. First, consider the plants you have. Some plants should be watered daily, sometimes in the morning and in the evening. Other plants are watered twice or thrice a week while others are watered once a week. You need to find out what type of plants you have because some plants retain water, and over-watering them will flood them wilting them. Over-watering your soil cover may also push nutrients deep into the soil leading to a degeneration of the soil cover as well as the loss of plants.

Trimming Trees and Shrubs

Pruning of trees and shrubs is like giving your plants a new haircut. Trimming is essential for your healthy plants so that they can have more room for growth and expansion. Pruning is best done when your trees and shrubs are in their dormant seasons. During winter and early spring, your plants and shrubs are not budding, which is the best time to remove or cut out the unhealthy branches and stems of your plants.

According to, the benefits of pruning to your plants include the plants maintaining their aesthetics, pruning the plants gets rid of excessive branches giving them a better look. You also get rid of diseased branches and leaves, leaving your trees and shrubs healthy. It also promotes the continued growth of your trees and shrubs by cutting off the undesired areas.

Using a Certified Arborist

An arborist is a tree doctor’. An arborist in full is an arboriculturist. This is a person who studies the cultivation, growth, decay, reactions to pruning, bio-mechanics of trees in detail. A certified arborist looks at all aspects of trees in detail. He or she studies all effects, diseases, and cures for trees in detail.

Why would you need to use a certified arborist? They will assist you in determining where to plant your trees in your garden, how and when to prune your trees, they are able to remove a tree from one location to another safely, you can consult them on fertilization, how to control pests and diseases and in case of emergencies involving trees, like a tree or its branches falling, then your arborist will give you advice on how to handle the discarding as well as replanting of felled trees.

Taking care of a garden is a delicate process. Still, with knowledge like when to prune your trees and shrubs, the regularity of watering it, professional help from an arborist, you will have a beautiful and healthy garden.


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