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How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to enhance your look. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all items that have been known to humankind for a very long time now. In the past, only those in the rich circles of society could wear things like these on their body. Emperors, queens and some of the nobles. Nowadays, anyone can afford to get a piece of jewelry since there are many different price ranges, but even the expensive ones are still somewhat affordable for special occasions.

Jewelry can come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as materials. Let’s say that you want to purchase a ring. Depending on what the ring is made of, as well as a few other factors such as size, weight, and shape, the price will vary. If it is golden, it might cost more, especially if it’s a higher carat. However, today we’re going to focus on silver jewelry instead.

There’s no doubt that silver looks amazing, and a lot of people are in love with silver jewelry. Because of this, we decided to write an article that will help you learn about some of the ways you can clean your silver items in order to preserve their look and keep them shining for many years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to know. Please note that all of these are DIY (Do it yourself) methods that are able to provide maximal efficiency without you spending any money.

Method 1: Baking Soda combined with Aluminum Foil

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This method is pretty simple and it doesn’t require any complicated action. Here are the things that you need to do.

Start by adding boiling water into a bowl that is being layered with some aluminum foil. While adding the water, add some baking soda as well. Place your silver ring or any other silver item that you want to clean inside of the bowl and leave it there for a few minutes. It is recommended that you leave it there for at least three minutes. Set an alarm or use a stopwatch to know exactly when the time passes. After that, remove the item and place it under cold water, and while doing that, rub it with a soft piece of cloth. Keep doing this for a few minutes and you will quickly notice that all of the tarnish from your item is gone. This method is tested by a lot of users and it definitely works. Currently, it is rated as one of the best DIY cleaning methods when we talk about silver jewelry.

Method 2: Cleaning with Lemon and Salt Bath

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Just like in the previous method, make sure to get a bowl, this time a bit smaller than the previous one, and squeeze an entire lemon inside of it. Add three tablespoons of salt and hot water from your water heater. After you set up the bowl and everything that needs to be inside of it, place your ring or silver bracelet inside. Leave the item there for about seven minutes. After this, remove it out of the bowl and start cleaning it with a piece of a soft cloth. This method will work even better if you have a special piece of cloth such as the ones that are made specifically for cleaning silver items. They go by the name of silver cleaning cloth. People really love their silver items, so they try and give their best to think of new methods that will make their jewelry shiny as it was on day one. Silver is beautiful, but there’s no point in wearing it if it doesn’t look clean and shiny, according to Otta Silver.

Method 3: Using beer to lighten up your item

This method is pretty simple and it doesn’t really offer the same cleaning effect as the previous ones, but if you need a quick solution and you’re all out of other ingredients, it is worth to give it a try. Place your silver item inside a bowl that’s filled with beer and let it sit there for twenty to twenty-five minutes. After this, remove the item and start cleaning it with a piece of cloth. Most of the dark shade will come off but if you really want to make your item shine, perform some of the methods above right after doing this.

Method 4: Coca-Cola and Toothpaste

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Coca-Cola is known to be a great cleaning product aside of its main use, and there are numerous videos on the internet where people manage to clean a lot of things by rubbing them with a piece of cloth and some Coca-Cola. The same thing goes for silver items. You can let your bracelet sit in a bowl filled with this drink for about fifteen minutes. Afterward, remove it from the bowl and get a toothbrush with some toothpaste on it. Rub for about five more minutes and you’ll get some results.  

Method 5: Washing Machine mixture

Last but not least, this method creates a similar effect to the one we mentioned above with the baking soda. In order to perform this, you’ll once again need a bowl and a large cup of laundry detergent. You can choose any brand that you want, and we’ll leave that completely up to you.

Fill the bowl with hot water, but be careful not to burn your hands in the process. Make sure to fill it at least halfway through, and then place the large cup of detergent inside the bowl. Wait for one minute and then take your silver item and place it at the bottom of the bowl. Once again, be careful not to burn yourself from the hot water. Leave the bracelet or your silver ring inside the mixture for about ten to fifteen minutes, and upon taking it out, rub it with a soft cloth for a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the results, place the item in the mixture once again and leave it there for five more minutes, then repeat the rubbing process.

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