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5 Reasons you Need a Parental Control App

In the 21st century, the world is digital and the kids are smarter. Things are not as simple as they used to be, hence parenting has become difficult. But alas with every difficulty there is a solution hence the problem that arose with children having digital devices in their hand have been solved by the digital developers in the form of parental control apps. There are a lot of apps on the market like FamiSafe, which is known for its reliability.

But is it necessary to understand what a parental control app offers you? A parental control app helps you keep track of your child’s activities on the internet and secure children from being exposed to content that is not meant for them.

They help set you restriction on the child’s access which is necessary at this age as they are unaware of the dangers and their innocence could lead to them being fooled by the vultures on the internet. You can even personalize the restrictions and the control you want to have on your child’s phone. The apps are easy to use and understand as they are developed keeping in mind parents’ capability of using digital devices. For a parent in the modern world bringing up kids of generation- z  parental control apps are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Here are 5 reasons why you need parental control apps.

1. Protect kids from uncensored content

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There is a lot of content on the internet that is not PG and your child would be exposed to them if you don’t use parental controls. This could ultimately harm their mental health and lead to repercussions in the future. Hence blocking those websites with harmful content is the best way to go.

2. Protect them from cyberbullying

Before internet bullying used to be in school and was often caught by school authorities. But now with social media, it becomes undetectable and kids can easily fall prey to it which can lead to harmful effects on their mental health that last a lifetime.

3. Addictive games

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Games on the internet are designed in such a way that they keep the players hooked and pull them to come back to it again and again. But you don’t want your child stuck to a screen all day long. Hence it is important that you have parental control to restrict their access to addictive games. The app will help you block these games so that your child can do other things.

4. Screen time

It is essential that you put a screen time limit on your child’s screen access. A lot of screen exposure can lead to harmful effects on mental health and serve damage to their eyesight. The screen releases a blue light which if consumed a lot can be harmful. The parental control apps help you set time when your kid can use the screen and when they have to put it down to do other activities like home chores and outdoor activities. It will also help lessen their screen exposure.

5. Pedophiles

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There are a lot of pedophiles on the internet who in their sly way convince children to do things they should not be doing. Hence you should have parental control on your child’s device to see if they are in contact with any such person and block them out before they get into your kids’ mind.

Parental apps can only be a secondary thing when it comes to the protection of your child. The primary protection for them is that they can trust their parents and share any problems with them.

So if you find your child doing anything bad, instead of scolding them sit with them and explain to them how these things could lead them on the wrong path. Remember! They are kids and at this age, they won’t understand what is wrong and what is right. They are meant to make mistakes and learned from them to better in the future.

These shows of trusting their ability to do the right thing will make them trust you with their problems. Hence in the future, if they feel lost or on the wrong path, they will seek your advice instead of a stranger’s advice.

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