How to Buy and Sell CS:GO Skins

The question of the ideal way to trade CS:GO skins is not so easy to answer across the board. It is therefore hardly surprising that the CS:GO community is always heatedly discussing the answer in numerous forums and in social media.

In general, however, it can be said that it always depends on the individual case which option for selling or buying CS:GO skins is the most ideal. For example, the CSGO Betting Sites are popular for buying and selling skins.

The following article explains which characteristics distinguish individual selling and buying options.

New CS:GO skins – The options

Basically, there are two options for purchasing new skins. It is particularly easy, but time-consuming, to play the game CS:GO Skins.

A server with a VAC function and at least one player must be used. This creates the prerequisite for the so-called skin drops. Up to four skin drops are possible each week. Some of them have to be opened with the help of a key. After some time, however, a certain number of skins can be collected that can then be used for trading.

The possible places to sell CS:GO skins


For the sale and purchase of CS:GO skins, there is already a large selection of different platforms and marketplaces. These are each characterized by very specific advantages and disadvantages.

The Steam marketplace

The Steam marketplace is particularly recommended for the sale of CS:GO skins, as it is the official platform for skin trading. However, you can often find quite high prices and many different offers for the same skin. Nevertheless, the safety of buyers and sellers enjoys a very high priority on the Steam marketplace.

The biggest disadvantage of Steam, however, is that there is no way for users to cash out the money generated by their sales. Only the Steam Wallet can be used. With the credit available in this wallet, further purchases can be made on the platform. If you are looking to earn some money, you should look for other alternatives.

Luckily, there are. Online are numerous other marketplaces that make it possible for their users to withdraw their money, for example in the form of bank transfers or PayPal payments.

The private offers


Another very attractive option is to look for someone interested in the skins for sale. We recommend relevant CS:GO forums, Reddit, or the comments section of one of the numerous CS:GO marketplaces.

If the skins are sold in this way, there is generally a greater chance of making the transaction absolutely satisfactory for both sides. Of course, no additional fees have to be taken into account in the case of a private sale. These can amount to around 15 percent on the corresponding platforms.

Buying skins through third parties

You can also find some third-party sellers who buy CS:GO skins specifically. This means that they are only interested in skins that meet specific criteria.

However, sellers often have to settle for a rather low price with this option. The advantage, however, is an immediate payout.

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