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How Can A Predictive-dialer Increase Sales Productivity

A predictive dialer helps businesses touch base with leads and existing clients by dialing telephone numbers from a list. You might find it challenging to tell automatic and predictive dialers apart. 

Auto dialers may have one distinct feature for users – to call people from a list. Conversely, predictive dialers may let companies use other features like screening for busy signals, dropping voicemails, or disconnecting no-answer calls. These systems can also help businesses increase sales opportunities. check for more information.

Here are the top ten ways predictive dialers can help improve your company’s sales.

Improved Agent Efficiency

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Company sales representatives may spend a lot of time and effort scanning through seemingly endless lists of phone numbers to call. Manually inputting those numbers to a telephony system takes extra time. Remember, more wasted time means more squandered money. 

Streamline your business’ sales and marketing procedures by equipping your agents with predictive dialers. These contact marketing systems allow company representatives to prepare for each call with minimal human interaction with their telephones. Specific dialers can determine the best time to call and proceeds to dial those numbers at the most convenient time. 

Also, consider using predictive dialers with ringless voicemail features. Imagine your agent trying to reach a particular business lead. However, even if the dialer makes the call at the best time, the staff member might still not contact the lead. If this event happens, the dialer might send a pre-recorded voicemail automatically to help minimize lost interest. If you’re looking for this technology, start your search by checking out Drop Cowboy.  

The results may lead to fewer dropped or no-answer calls enabling your sales representatives to touch base with leads at higher rates. So, agents may experience less idle times, thereby increasing opportunities to improve sales. 

Intelligent Call Assignments

One challenge for many sales and marketing teams using contact marketing is repetitive calls to the same phone numbers. Many individuals hate the idea of receiving multiple calls from the same company at different times throughout the day.

Now, that person might have an interest in transacting with your organization from the initial point of contact. But, since different agents made several calls to that one lead, the annoyance may lessen the individual’s interests with each call made. 

Help your business avoid lost leads and sales by using the correct predictive dialing systems. Reliable predictive dialers have specific features to assign calls to available agents automatically and correctly. The system may also recognize that the agent already called a particular number and proceeds to put the contact details on a separate list. 

The outcome is a reduction of repetitive calls to the same contact numbers. Thus, your leads can keep high-interest levels for your representatives to move to the next parts of your business’ sales funnels. 

Furthermore, specific predictive dialers cannot choose which numbers to call or avoid. So, there’s a reduction of bias between agents, and everyone may have a fighting chance to complete sales. 

Preview Information Before the Call

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Agents calling tens to hundreds of people a day might create confusion. Your representatives might make the seemingly small mistake of calling someone by the wrong name. It might be an incident where you and the person on the other line will have something to laugh about at the start of the call. But, some individual leads and prospects may not like it if you call them by the wrong name. 

Invest in predictive dialing systems that allow your agents to view the information of the lead, prospect, or client before they make the call. So, your sales representatives can correctly state the name of the recipient of the call. 

Reading relevant and essential data before a sales call may do more than correctly speaking the name of the lead. The predictive dialer may also let you view past notes made from previous calls made to particular contact numbers. You should see the progress made by other representatives as they try to convert leads to paying customers. 

The system may also have a call tracking feature to provide your business with accurate reports for your marketing campaigns. The data gathered helps you know pieces of information like:

  • Average call handling times
  • Lead status
  • Call times and dates
  • Number of calls made
  • Text or voice messages sent

Consider using automatic predictive dialers that provide your company with various features that show the many pieces of information of your contacts. Check out Call Cowboy for examples of these functions that offer additional benefits to your sales and marketing campaigns.  

Contact Number Prioritization

Specific predictive dialing technologies allow users to set the status of leads depending on their current placement in the sales funnel. Your representatives can place custom trackers to help other callers to check the current state of the lead. For example, you may see lead statuses like “New,” “For Follow-up,” or “Sale.” 

The predictive dialer allows you to prioritize the calling of leads if they’re in the “For Follow-up” category. These individuals might express their interests but are undecided with specific details about the upcoming sale. The system can also automatically push these leads for a follow-up to the top of the list. Hence, your business wastes no time in ensuring interest levels remain at their peaks. 

Take note that the rates of converting leads to sales may depend on the time it takes for your representatives to touch base with your potential customers. Waste too much time, and your business might find itself losing its leads to competitors. 

This feature helps you maximize each campaign by matching leads to the right agents. Representatives may then check the data on the predictive dialer to see the amount of effort needed before the prospect becomes a customer. 

Reduce the Number of Wasted Calls

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Calling hundreds of contact numbers in a day for your outbound marketing campaign may give you several wasted calls. These calls are unanswered, busy, disconnected, or unavailable. Your representatives might also have trouble reaching leads because of the wrong time placed to call. 

Time wasted in trying to make these calls connect is time better spent in talking to potential customers. Every second your agent make in listening to phones ringing continuously with seemingly no hope of the other person answering helps your competitors gain the upper hand. 

Your sales representatives might gain a reply like, “You’re a few minutes late because another company already made contact.” That potential lead might become one of your best-paying customers if your agent was a few minutes early. 

Help your business stop wasting calls, and thereby inhibit the growth of your losses, by using trustworthy predictive dialers. These systems have features that mark calls that are unworthy of your agents’ efforts.

For example, an agent might try touching base with a targeted lead. But, the contact number leads to numerous rings that may last a minute or two. Instead of wasting valuable time, the dialer may hang up the call automatically so your representative can proceed to the next call. 

Marketing Strategy Integration

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Your company might already have an existing marketing strategy implemented to help your business gain extra profit. Perhaps, you’re supplying your firm with leads coming from digital channels. Now, you’re considering adding outbound cold calling to your current campaign. You can integrate that marketing technique with your existing strategy with the help of a predictive dialer. 

The process may look like the following scenario: your sales representatives are talking to potential leads coming from social media networks. The representatives can then ask for the contact numbers of the people who displayed sufficient amounts of interest. 

While social media channels provide your company with extra leads and customers, replies from these individuals might take longer than expected. Use predictive dialing systems to input the acquired contact information. Then, the right agent can touch base with the warm leads. This event may eventually lead to a possible sale, and therefore additional profit for your business. 

Also, opt to use predictive dialing technologies with manual dialers. You may never know when you need an agent to urgently call a specific lead or customer. So, instead of waiting for the dialer to put the contact information in the queue, you can use the technology to input the phone number immediately.

Report Creation and Viewing

Many businesses thrive in their respective industries because they study the acquired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from their marketing campaigns. You can use predictive dialers to generate reports based on the calls made by your agents. 

The data gained from the reports allows you and your representatives to fine-tune marketing campaigns to help improve advertising efforts. Attain a higher positive output from your marketing campaign to boost profit opportunities for your business. 

You can also use the real-time report-gathering feature of a noteworthy dialing system to make sure your agents are doing well. This function also comes with a live coaching feature wherein your agent can hear you and the recipient of the call at the same time. However, the lead won’t hear the things you’re saying to your agent. 

Hence, you can instruct representatives on the right statements and questions to say during a call. These features may especially be useful for sales and marketing representatives who you think are having difficulties in converting leads to customers. 

If you want to look at a predictive dialer with report creation features, check the following video:

Organizing and Managing the Client Database

While in the context of report creation, reliable predictive dialers can help your business organize and manage its client database better than before. 

Trustworthy predictive dialing technologies help systematically maintain all relevant and essential records. So, your agents won’t have to spend too much time and effort looking for the data they need. 

Also, campaign managers won’t have to scribble notes on paper to help representatives deal with specific leads. In that regard, predictive dialers may also add the benefit of letting your company be more environment-friendly. Using less paper than before will have a positive impact on nature. Lastly, you don’t have to spend extra cash on buying paper each time your sales and marketing staff need them. 

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

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Predictive dialers also help in driving better customer satisfaction rates to your company. Your sales staff might not only cater to outbound calls, as they may also provide support for inbound queries from interested leads and existing clients. 

Aim to use predictive dialers that can supply you with phone numbers where your leads and customers can reach you. Individuals or other organizations reaching out to you mean these entities already have interests in dealing with your business. 

Customer loyalty increases with the help of these rented numbers. Improve your marketing campaigns and profit gain by using predictive dialers with valuable features. Let your agents make inbound and outbound calls to maximize income generation for your business. 

Talking to happy customers might also lead to a boost in morale for your sales and marketing staff members. Improved confidence felt by your agents during cold calls may lead to a higher percentage of sales conversions from your marketing campaigns. 

Cost Reduction

Reducing expenses can help your company increase profit margins. Using predictive dialers may mean you don’t need to hire a new workforce to maintain call logs and routes manually. The algorithm built into the system will automatically assign calls to the right agents. Also, the predictive dialing technology will handle the call-logging and reporting for you.

Furthermore, you might already know that the predictive dialer can help minimize the idle time of your agents. So, it assists in maximizing profit opportunities by ensuring your representatives call all the numbers listed for contacting for the day. 


Aside from having excellent predictive dialers for your business, don’t forget to supply your agents with proper contact center equipment. Supply the best equipment possible for your marketing campaign, and your representatives may answer you back with more leads and profit opportunities. In turn, you might also gain other incentives with the use of predictive dialers and other relevant equipment.

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