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Why Headbands and Hair Bows are Mainstream Fashion Accessories

Many women consider hair as one of their greatest assets. There’s something undeniably gushy about decorating your hair. However, few women know how to make their hair the centerpiece of their look for the day. If you’ve been wondering how to style up your hair, worry no more.

Hair bows and headbands are simple yet elegant fashion accessories that can work magic to your look. Experimenting with headbands and hair bows is akin to trying out different jewelry pieces. Whatever piece you choose to accessorize your outfit, you will attain the confident cool-girl look that you’ve always desired.
Initially, hair bows and headbands were seen as a preserve for young girls and royals. Nonetheless, more women are using these accessories to decorate their hair. Therefore, it’s safe to argue that headbands and hair bows are now mainstream fashion accessories. If you are looking for high-quality bows and headbands, do not hesitate to check out the limitless selection of hair accessories on a shop like Your Final Touch.

A Brief History of Hair Bows and Headbands

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Throughout history, women belonging to different cultures were known to sport hair ornaments. Hair accessorizing can be traced back to the pre-historic period. During this time, men and women used hair ornaments such as bows, headbands, ribbons, tiaras, and pins for aesthetic and occupational purposes, and to keep their hair intact.
During the Renaissance period, these accessories became more elaborate with women adding precious stones, feathers, and pearls to the accessories. Today, you’ll find both women and young girls sporting hair bows and accessories. The accessories come in different colors, styles, and sizes. To bring out the fashionista in you and create a style statement, you should choose hair bows and headbands that suit you.

How to Rock Headbands

Headbands are some of the most undervalued hair accessories. However, they can transform your look in an instant. Here’s how you can rock different types of hairbands.

The Thin Headband

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Thin headbands are simple yet classy and can complement any hairstyle that you choose. These headbands pair perfectly with simple hairdos. They can also add a touch of flair and elegance to textured hair that is styled down. To keep strays at bay, smooth out flyaways using clear mascara or a toothbrush before putting on a thin headband.

The Winter Headband

These headbands are utilitarian yet chic. Knit winter headbands with a bow are fashion-forward alternatives to a hat or even earmuffs. When wearing these headbands, you should brush your hair back instead of parting it. Since you wouldn’t want to use a hair product that rubs off on a winter headband’s fabric, use a light hairspray to keep your hair in place.

The Fashion Headband

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This type of headband is meant for glam girls. An embellished or bejeweled headband is an excellent fashion-meets-functionality accessory for your hair. When using a fashion headband, consider leaving out some hair at the front of the headband. This will deliver a flirty look. If you want to show off your long locks when wearing a fashion headband, try out a low-lying ponytail that is gently pulled back to your neck’s nape.

The Knot Headband

If you are looking for a versatile headband, this should be your go-to option. Knot headbands in a sleek material look sassy but not extreme. They can be used with any hairdo — up or down, besides being the go-to accessory for those who want to make a sophisticated and fancy statement.

The Scarf Headband

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If you want to look cool and classy, scarf headbands should be your go-to hair accessory. These headbands can be worn in different ways. They also have the added advantage of being comfy and super soft. What’s more, you can style a scarf headband in multiple ways to achieve the desired look.

How to Rock a Hair Bow Perfectly

The thought of accessorizing your hairdo with a bow can take you back to third grade. Nonetheless, using a hair bow is anything but juvenile. Regardless of your age, hair bows can take your look to a higher level. Here’s how you can wear a bow to a great effect.

Tie Them Around Your Neck

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The easiest way to rock hair bows is by tying them around our neck while keeping your hair in a non-pony plait. This way a hair bow will not only serve its core purpose but also work as a chocker.

Around Your Ponytail

If a ponytail is your go-to hairstyle, and you love hair bows, consider adding a bow around your ponytail. While at it, ensure that you keep the keeps of the hair bow long since this delivers a chic look. The bow should be clipped over the hair tie to provide a flawless look.

At The Bottom of Your Braids

If braids are your thing, you can accessorize them with a hair bow. To do this, adde a bow at the end of your braids. The bow will add a festive flair to your hairstyle, besides preventing your hair from unraveling.

Around Your Bun

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When you’re having a bad hair day yet there’s no time to keep your hair in place, you should consider pulling it up in a bun. Once you tie your hair in a bun, wrap a ribbon around the bun’s perimeter to keep the hair in place.

Around The Topknot

If half-down, half-up hair is your preferred style, a bow can help you add a touch of elegance to your look. Add a hair bow around the topknot, whether you prefer a half-down or half-up style.

Contrary to what many women think, you can wear bows and headbands in your hair without looking like a pre-teen kid. These fashion accessories have become a fad over the past few years. This is attested to by the fact that fashionistas, royals, actresses and other personalities are increasingly rocking them. You too can join this bandwagon.

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