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7 Best Hand Tool Brands For DIY Handymans in 2024

As with all things today, the offer on the market has become huge. The offer is so great for both models and manufacturers, that it is very difficult for you to decide if you are not a professional. Hand tools are, of course, no different. With increasingly available products from the Far East, primarily from China, it has become very difficult to choose the ideal DIY set or single tool. Prices vary greatly, and products from China are incomparably cheaper. However, this is something you should not save on. It is not something that is bought once a year, but when it is bought, it should last you a long time. And by no means do you want to break it down in the middle of a job so you can’t finish what you started or get hurt as a result.

That is why today we will introduce you to brands, some of which have existed for more than 100 years, and are specialized in hand tools. We will also tell you what each brand specializes in because it does not mean that every tool is of equal quality with every manufacturer.

What are the most important features of a tool?

Before we move on to reputable brands, let’s first tell you what you should generally pay attention to when buying your DIY set.
Durability is certainly the most important. It is necessary for it to last a long time, and above all to be able to perform the task for which it is intended. If it bends while you work, you will certainly not be able to do what you started. Check how much guarantee there is, that is a very good indicator. Next, you should pay attention to is the price. As we said, don’t try to save, but you shouldn’t waste money either. Compare the same products among reliable manufacturers and thus find the relationship between quality and price. And lastly, pay attention to the features. It is very important what kind of handle it is, what kind of tire it is covered with, and how many different tasks it can perform.

1. Channellock

Channellock is the first brand on our list, which probably won’t surprise you if you have any knowledge of tools. The quality of their products is evidenced by the fact that they have existed since the nineteenth century. Over more than 100 years they have progressed to now offer tools of all kinds for all professions. From DIY to professional plumbers and all other craftsmen. However, what stands out the most is the pliers. They have over one hundred and fifty different models of pliers in their offer. So with them, you can find any pliers you need. Screwdrivers and sets are also very well known.

2. Armstrong

The company, which also exists for over 100 years, initially produced bicycles and parts, but later switched to tools. They are now part of the large Apex Tool Group, including other well-known brands such as Crescent and GearWrench. Armstrong products are used even in the military and are used by NASA. Also, anyone who loves DIY projects will opt for their hand tools, especially wrenches. Very high quality and durable, you will not have problems with them.

3. Stanley Black & Decker

The oldest company that still functions, originated in the mid-nineteenth century. Ten years ago, they merged with another famous brand, Black & Decker, now forming Stanley Black & Decker. That is why their offer is so large, that we cannot say that they specialize in any particular tool. They have absolutely everything in their offer and offer only the best quality. They are also known for being the first to implement digital equipment in their kits. What speaks volumes about how big and famous this brand is that they are on the Fortune 500 list where the 500 companies with the highest revenue in the USA are listed. Being on such a list is very prestigious and few companies succeed in it.

4. Milwaukee

Milwaukee specializes in electric power tools. But they also produce all hand tools. As far back as the 1930s, they met the U.S. Navy standard. They are constantly launching new innovative products, and have been doing business that way since their beginnings when they collaborated with Henry Ford. They are known for how much they have improved the hammer drill. View here the complete range of Milwaukee Electric products.

5. J.H. Williams

Part of the Snap-On group, they have various products in their offer. Also, they are known because they have some products of non-specific sizes, which can only help you in certain situations. It is equally used in large factories and for DIY projects. You can order all of their products online, and hammers are they best-selling item.

6. Estwing

As you have probably already noticed, most of the best brands come from the USA and have a long history of existence, so this is the case with Estwing as well. Estwing focuses on the production of very resilient tools, primarily axes, and hammers. They are very comfortable to use due to the ergonomic handle that reduces vibrations. This allows you to work significantly longer than with models produced by some other brands. The quality is at such a high level, that firefighters and police officers from many parts of the USA use their products. And you know that firefighters are exposed to the most difficult situations and that they have to have the highest quality equipment.

7. Crescent

Their adjustable wrenches have been so successful that Crescent wrench has become synonymous with wrenches from other manufacturers as well. Yet Crescent wrench is the best and longest-lasting. This certainly does not mean that they have nothing else to offer, on the contrary. They have almost 3000 products in their offer. Everyone agrees that their quality has not declined in the least over the years and that is why they have maintained their popularity.


If you choose one of these brands, you will not go wrong and you will be satisfied for a long time. Anyway, if you find yourself in position that you still need the professional assistance, you can check the sites such as

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