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 8 ways to Keeping your Hands Warm During Winter Activities – 2024 Guide

Winter is coming. What does that mean? The first hint – it’s not Game Of Thrones. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions winter? Probably snow and coziness, don’t you agree? Or is it that amazing moment when you get overwhelmed by a fuzzy feeling of comfort and warmth just by thinking about it? It must be nice when you find yourself wrapped up in your favorite woolen blanket like a true burrito of joy, watching the snow falling outside. Fire crackling must be in the top five favorite sounds during winter and its festivities. You may also find yourself staring at flames while holding a good cup of apple and cinnamon tea.

Sounds like a fairytale, for sure. But what about that moment when you have to leave your house, due to running errands or perhaps by simply being invited by your friends who got bored of being a couch potato? How to keep yourself warm? We bet you wish you could bring that cup of tea with you.

Luckily, today we’ll be showing you some tips and tricks on how to keep your hands warm during those ‘difficult times’. Let’s get started!

Right materials

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If you plan on going outside, you’re not going to put on silk and lace to keep yourself heated – that’s for sure. The only thing logic is to choose appropriate materials and fabrics such as wool, flannel, corduroy, or faux fur. These can certainly help you not to lose the temperature you’ve left the comfort of your home with. Also, avoid thin and tight clothes, as it’ll lead to bad circulation, constrict the blood vessels, and make your body and hands freeze.

So, in order to prevent this, you should wear looser clothes, underwear, and jackets which will give you the ability to move freely. Furthermore, put multiple layers on to retain the heat. Be smart, choose your gear carefully, but also make it fashion – it doesn’t have to be boring.

Gloves, gloves, gloves

What’s that one thing you think about when you’re looking at your hands getting more red and frozen with each passing minute? That thing you often forget because you think it’ll be just fine? You guessed it: the one and only – gloves! They belong to essentials during winter days, and you have plenty of them on the market, so possibilities are endless. Leather, cotton, wool, you name it. They can also be a true fashion trend as well when it comes to the cold, winter season. For all those who are searching precisely for something cool like this, it’ll be enough to click here and voila! – a whole range of amazing gloves that’ll bring your style to a whole new level. As we said – don’t be afraid to make it fancy!


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Yes, you’ve read it. If by any chance you find yourself without mittens or gloves, which would be very unfortunate, or if you’re forgetful, there are still pockets on your jacket or trousers. Or at least we hope so. A quality fabric will definitely do its job and protect your hands from the wind and cold. You know what they say – we gotta do what we gotta do.

Keep moving

At some point in your life, perhaps when you were a kid and when on hiking or snowboarding, you probably used to hear your parents suggesting you keep moving. Always being on the move will make you feel warmer – not just your hands or feet, but your entire body. The circulation will enhance significantly and leave an impression of a certain level of heating.

Remain dry

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Even though making snowballs and a good Snowman can be truly tempting, if you plan on engaging in winter activities for a longer period of time, we would recommend trying your best to stay dry. Wet hands can be such a nuisance – just imagine being outdoors with your fingers freezing. Alternatively, you can bring an extra pair of your favorite mittens – it definitely won’t hurt to have some kind of protection though in order to keep your hands away from any kind of moisture.


We hope you remember that cute, little cup of tea we’ve mentioned earlier. Well, here’s another suggestion: bring it with you! Find a good thermos that’ll keep your favorite beverage hot for a bit longer. This way, when you feel like not wearing your comfy gloves anymore, you can switch it up a little bit by hugging that bottle and heating up for a while. A good, long sip is a plus and a must.


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And by that, we don’t mean planks nor jumps. What we’ve meant by exercising is to try to move your hands and fingers up and down, like you’re trying to put them in the fist. Shake them off, clench them, and release. Additionally, you can also massage them and move them in circles to get that blood flow and circulation going. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to rub your hands together as well in order to spread the warmness or blow the air from your mouth to your palms for some additional heat.

Heat source

We can bet that everyone had a desire to light a campfire at least once in their lifetime. If you’re one of them, we’re sure you’ve educated yourself on that and possibly watched some tutorials on how to be a true firestarter! All jokes aside, if you get an opportunity of facing a somewhat higher temperature or fire source, don’t hesitate to take the mittens off, and put your hands over it. However, be super cautious and don’t get too close as you don’t want to get burned.

There it goes – we’ve approached the very end of our little manual of becoming keener to cold and frosty weather. The only thing we truly hope is that some of these instructions will help you in combating all the obstacles and difficulties when it comes to enjoying the winter wonderland. To sum up – you don’t have to stay indoors just because you’re used to it – you can build up your temperature tolerance with these tips. And well, who knows – maybe after some time, you won’t even notice you were freezing in the first place. We wish you to give in completely and dive into all the wonders winter has to offer. As we said, choose wisely and enjoy it!

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