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Gift Ideas for Baseball Enthusiasts

Thinking of a new gift every year to buy for your friend’s birthday or for the holidays is not as easy as it seems. You have already bought all kinds of items, ranging from watches to tech gadgets. However, if you know that your friend is a baseball enthusiast, you are in luck. There are hundreds of different ideas out there the gift is baseball-related.
If he/she is really a fan of baseball then you could probably give them a baseball-related gift every single year and they will love the idea.

Before you buy them anything, you will have to do a little bit of research on them to find out what exactly they love about this sport, which teams are their favorite and other information that can help you pick the perfect present.
Fortunately for you, we have made this lift of gift ideas for baseball enthusiasts. Pick or get motivated by any of these ideas and your friend will definitely be happy when he/she receives the gift.

Grip squeezer

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One of the most important things as a batter in this sport is to always have a strong grip on the bat. The grip of your hands not only ensures that you never slip up the bat, but it will also improve a person’s swing velocity.
However, training muscles in the wrists and the hand is not simple. You can’t just do any exercise you think of such as pushups. You have to find the right exercise that will target the right muscle group.

Fortunately, hand squeezers have been made for that exact reason. Not only will it make a person’s grip much stronger, but the exercise is also quite simple and passive. All you have to do is squeeze the ball or the handgrip while doing anything you want. Watching TV? Squeeze. Going for a stroll outside? Take the squeeze ball with you.
So, if your friend loves playing baseball, this kind of equipment will surely make his day.

Custom Trading Pins

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There is no better way of showing your love for this sport than wearing pins on your backpack, jacket or pants. If you want to make your friend happy, why not make him a couple of custom baseball pins that the can attach anywhere he/she wants?
This kind of gift is even better if your friend has his own local team. You can customize the trading pins to hold the logo and name of his/her team. The popularity of their team can rise since people will start exchanging their team’s pins.
What’s so great about pins is that you can customize any way you want. They can be made in any kind of shape you want and any color can be added. The possibilities are definitely infinite. If you want to know more about custom baseball trading pins, read more here.


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Even the best players in the world in this sport have claimed that they always have room for improvement. And the best way to improve is to constantly practice and to learn more about the history of the sport and its techniques.
So, if you want your friend to progress in this aspect, why not get them a couple of books that will allow them to get better and learn more.

Our personal favorites are Ninety Percent Mental by Bob Tewksbury, Moneyball by Michael Lewis and A Great and Glorious Game by A. Bartlett Giamatti.


One of the best ways to improve as a pitcher is to master the technique of pitching. Making vital changes to your stance and mechanical movement is essential if you want to get better in this game. However, even if you do make some changes that will improve your pitch, how will you know if you have gotten better and whether you throw faster?
The only way to find out is to scan the ball with radar at your local baseball field. But, having to go every time to the field just to do a quick scan simply takes too much of your time.
Fortunately, these days, you can find radars for just a couple of dollars. Getting a radar for your friend is definitely one a great idea. He or she can then use it to calculate the speed of their average pitch speed and you can even create your own competition about who can throw it the fastest.

Game ticket

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What do you think is the best thing about this sport for an enthusiast? Sure, they love playing it, but what is something they want even more?

They want to see their favorite teams and players live at a game and you can do just that for your friend. It might cost you a bit more than you expect, but getting two tickets for yourself and your friend will make them happier than ever.
Keep in mind, the sooner you buy the tickets, the lower the cost.

Custom-made bat

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Did you know that most professional baseball players have their own customized bats? Of course, they can’t customize them in any way they want because they have to follow the league’s rules about the wood and bat used, but they are still custom.
Making a custom bat as a gift is a great choice. Don’t worry, you won’t have to follow any kind of rules and regulations when making it since your friend probably won’t be playing in the pro league any time soon.

You can add the logo of their team, their favorite player or team. You have the freedom to think of anything you want. You can even add an image of your face as a joke to make them laugh. With a gift like this, every time they play and pick up the bat, they will be reminded of you.

No matter if you spend ten dollars or several hundreds of dollars, it is important to give the impression that you have given a lot of thought into this gift.

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