Are New Japanese Casinos Safe?

When considering whether to play at the Newest Japanese online casino, you should take into account some very important factors. Firstly, it is necessary to know if the casino offers quality customer support.

A reputable casino should have various options such as 24/7 online chat, email, phone number, etc. Moreover, there should be a page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) on their website in order to find information and search for assistance.

No deposit bonuses


Constant players of Japanese online casinos know about “PStwenty” 100 percent free internet casino. It is accessible to gamblers from Japan. An advantage is the possibility to use PayPal, which is speedy and easy to use. Nevertheless, there is an important issue that not all methods of payment activate bonuses. But if you want the process of gambling to be clear and easy – click here.

It is essential to look through the terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus offers at Japanese casinos. Some of the sign-up bonuses may be split into a couple of bonus funds. They may have requirements for wagers as very few players would prefer to risk big sums of money.

Finding the best no-deposit bonuses can be quite tricky, however, with so many sites like ice casino no deposit bonus offer different variations and requirements. To ensure you get the best deal out of your no-deposit bonus, here are some things you should be looking out for:

-Be aware of any restrictions on withdrawal – there may be some limits on how much you can withdraw from your winnings earned from a no-deposit bonus

-Check to see if there is a wagering requirement: sometimes you may need to wager a certain amount before you can cash out your winnings

-Look into any additional offers – playing at an online casino that offers further rewards such as free bets and bonuses may mean more value for money in the long run

-Compare different bonuses between sites – it is beneficial to compare different offers from various sites as this will give you more options and help narrow down which offer works best for you

-Read up on terms and conditions carefully before making the decision – while it may seem tedious at first, reading through all the terms and conditions means that you are better equipped to make an informed decision about whether or not the bonus is right for you.

Needless to say, Japan has very strict laws on gambling. Online gaming is illegal, but at the same time, international online casino websites are getting more and more popular. Moreover, some of them are licensed for the Japanese market and they offer a variety of online games and betting services. The local currency for gambling in Japan is Yen, but you can choose from other foreign currencies.

Processing time

There was a significant moment after the Japanese parliament allowed casinos last year. And so global operators have been urged to fill the market. As a result, only two applicants remained after the bidding process and now obtain licenses – MGM Resorts and Orix Corp. After all they have united for a license in Osaka, and another applicant – Casinos Austria – is involved in a project in Nagasaki.

Even though land-based casinos became legal, there still have been numerous underground companies that managed restricted offline casinos. At the same time, the most reliable game for Japanese gamblers is Pachinko – a local version of slot machines. Despite everything, the industry will continue its growth in Japan.

There’s an opinion that gambling in Japan has a negative reputation. Nevertheless, this country will definitely make its way for the future of this industry. But the casinos should be operated in due course. First of all, it’s important that they are legal and secure, and the regulations should be followed accordingly. Secondly, it’s the personnel, which has to be necessarily certified. These regulations together with the laws have to be fulfilled in order to provide a safe and favorable environment for both Japanese and foreign gamblers.

Foreign gamblers, have to pay an entrance fee to enter the facilities at legal Japanese casinos. Nothing complicated about the procedure, you just need to carry your photo ID or another document that contains your address. As an alternative, it is possible to upload your document via a special service or a live chat. Players should remember to present their valid ID all the time.

It’s common knowledge that making online gambling legal in Japan is a difficult procedure that requires lots of effort. But at the same time, there are offshore providers, who offer plenty of games. In addition, these casinos give better bonuses than the Japanese.



New Japanese casinos have faced particular limits from the government. According to the new law, the area of the asset can’t be more than 15000 sq.m. Also, they can only be built in major cities. Thus new casinos are strictly regulated by size but have more freedom in location. What is more, an entry tax of 6000 yen per person has to be paid by new casinos.

Since July 2018 land-based gambling areas have been allowed according to the Integrated Resort Promotion Law. Beforehand gaming activities have been outlawed. First casinos are expected to open by the year 2025. Nevertheless, sports betting remains illegal in Japan, although such types of sports as rugby, baseball, and football don’t require a license.

When it comes to legal gambling there are also calculations on expected income from gaming. In addition, with the emergence of the gambling business, new workplaces will be created and the tourism industry will gain benefits. However, it is still expected that the laws will be strict enough for the gambling business.

Wagering requirements

Depositing and withdrawals have always been an important issue while gambling, but at new Japanese online casinos, it will be at ease. Welcome bonuses are a great advantage for newbies as they give an opportunity to start gambling with a tight budget. For that purpose players should coincide with wagering requirements. After a gambler has deposited a particular amount of money the wager has to be equal to the amount of the bonus, which later can be used to play different online games.

As soon as gambling is illegal in Japan, people tend to play local games and casino-style games. Online game providers offer larger bonuses and higher advantages. This made online gambling more popular and accessible. Especially the popularity of using mobile devices for online games has increased.

Customer service


Customer service at Japanese online casinos plays an important role. Customer service agents are always ready to help, listen attentively to the problem and treat customers with respect. Moreover, the service is available 24 hours a day.

Also one of the key factors is the language for communication, hence Japanese casinos offer English-speaking live chats together with support in the local language. You can be sure you will receive an excellent service either by getting information about special bonuses or peculiarities of different online services. There are also some casinos that offer services in various languages and you can have support in your native language.

At an Australian Open betting parlor, customer service can be especially important, as it may include checking bet amounts on certain tournaments, providing advice on which bets could yield the highest returns and handling customer payment inquiries. It’s also essential for visitors to check out any terms of bonus offers before signing up or accepting any special deals, since some may contain additional fees or restrictions not immediately obvious upon reading them. Finally, any reputable Japanese casino should provide customers with enough contact information to allow them to easily reach out with inquiries at any time.

All in all, customer service in Japanese online casinos is great and supportive. And the personnel would gladly help you play your favorite games.

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