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Tips for getting your tween a cell phone

Cell phones have become a part of a necessity in our lives. Earlier, it used to be counted in luxuries, but now the scene is changed completely. After a certain age, kids start demanding to have their cell phones, leaving their parents in a dilemma, whether they should or not. The question is, are the tweens responsible enough for it because once you get them with a cell phone, there is no looking back. We are all aware of how cell phones have been distracting minds, and over the top, there are many other safety concerns. A report shows that in the age of 12-17 years, 45% of kids have cell phones. Your kids, when to see other friends having phones, urge for it. Or maybe parents give them for being independent so that they can contact their kids after the overtime of school. But are your kids just limited to that, Of course, No, they want to be connected with their friends, share pictures, and be active on all social media platforms? 

To help parents, there could be some simple rules laid down to be sure that your kids don’t misuse the phone.

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Ask WHY they need a Cell Phone

Not only your kid, but you also need to be carefully thought upon this before handling the cellphone. So you need to determine if your child needs a cell phone. In case they stay late in school or go for tuitions, do they drive back on their own. See if it’s a luxury or necessity for them because being a parent, you understand better if they need it for an emergency or just for chit-chatting with friends and texting them.

Determine What TYPE of Phone

If your kid needs a phone for emergency purposes, then there could be specific restrictions to it. When buying a phone for a tween, it doesn’t need to be the latest smartphone. If the priority is to call and inform, then you should go with a kid-friendly phone which doesn’t allow internet aces and apps to be downloaded in that. You can choose between prepaid or postpaid to allow a specific budget for it. Also, the phones come with many advanced features like parental lock and options of feeding a few programmed numbers, which could restrain your kids from the core use. There are many other safety measures which could be activated like trace the location, texting control, web filtering for the peace of mind. You can even keep track of the duration your kids are online to set limits on it. So smartly figure out what works best for you. You could go with spyphone for such amazing features. Remember, not to handle an expensive handset to your kids as they can be irresponsible and replace it. 

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Please make Sure They’re Ready

Drop out the plan if you want to surprise your twins with a cell phone this Christmas and analyze some crucial points before doing so. The tweens are in their essential stage, and smartphone or cell phones can distract them from their studies while making them more engaged in social life. You very well know that these kids don’t have the level of maturity to see the difference between good and evil. So before gifting it, start giving them lessons about the goods and bad of cell phones to make them understand the responsibility which comes with it. Tell them how it can ruin their lives if not used correctly and about the hazards or risks which go along it. Also, gauge their behavior, grades, and circle of friends to determine the sensitivity, whether they are ready for it or not.

Teach Them

You must be wondering; kids know all about cell phones. Yes, of course, they have been seeing you using it since childhood, but the case is reversed when they get their ones. There is a vast difference in the way the youngster and tweens will make use of cell phones. Don’t just hand over the cell phone and feel like your job is finished. Instead, it would help if you kept an eye on them regularly to know what they are up to. Try checking their texts or bring out the call list every month. Make sure they don’t spend maximum hours on the phone or restrict them not using it after coming back to home. You need to talk about everything very openly from the basics and get them into a clear picture of how the thinks work. This will make them feel more comfortable with privacy concerns and can share with you while being confident over it.

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Set Limits

If you think spying over your child is all you need, then it’s not a full stop. There is much more into it because your child may be one step ahead to trick you. Not only this, but cellphones can create a significant impact on health and mind if not appropriately used by growing children. Your kids may find it cool but have you make them aware of state laws for using cell phones while driving. And what about the harmful blue light and radiations which cause breakouts during sleep.

Moreover, is the cell phone allowed in school, and what could be the consequences. Keep a check if your kids are awake late at night using the phones or not, or is something bothering them? Warn them if they go out of the limit, you can take away the cell phones. This will keep them under fear and control. Your child needs to know it all and doesn’t just give full ownership to him. Train him as if it’s not their phone. They have just got it to use in emergencies that don’t set them free for its usage. 


The above tips will help you keep your child under control. This doesn’t restrain them from the necessary activities of using the Internet as it has become an essential part of life. It can be replaced by giving them tabs or laptops when needed. Also, set a data plan to a limit that can be used just for essential works. 


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