The Most Common Games You Can Play in a Casino While Waiting For the ‘Main’ Thing

Anyone who has ever spent, at least, 15 minutes in a casino after, say, composing a betting ticket, found different ways to fill time until the first game on it starts. Those who often stay in casinos, like to chat with other players in it (of course, that if they are not alone in the room), talk to the (female) worker and make a few jokes, or stare at their smartphones or at some of the many TV screens on which game of whatever sport is broadcast.

However, most often this period until the start of the game on the betting ticket (but also that little money left over from putting it in on the ticket), gamblers spend on various additional games that each casino offers, and in this text, we will describe the five most common such games. Many of them can also be found in the online offer of casinos, such as on Top Casino Expert, but here we are talking about those who like to visit land-based casinos.



Roulette is also known among those who are not ‘infected’ with the gambling virus as ‘The Devil’s Game’, but not among gamblers. This game is, in a way, quite attractive, and it is very common to spend a dollar, two, five, or 10 dollars that pour over from what was put in on a betting ticket on it.

There are different logic and tactics when it comes to this game. Someone aims for small series, someone is after numbers in black squares, someone ‘chases’ the so-called Orphans, but most often the total result of all these attempts is a thick minus on the player’s balance. It is a great scenario when there is another person at the table next to you because in that case, you think you both have a good chance but in most cases you both curse roulette at the end of the hand because the ball from ‘10’ escaped into ‘14’ that no one played. There is an even better situation when the table is packed and when everyone covers absolutely all the numbers… except of course the ‘0’ that pops out at that moment and fools all of you at the table.



For many passionate gamblers, slot machines are one of the most useless devices a man can sit on. Those people who say that probably think they would resist them even in Vegas, although we think that even the fiercest opponents of slots will try this device eventually. For other gamblers, it is an ideal device for killing boredom but, at the same time, the most irritating device for all those who want to watch a certain game in the casino in peace.

There are various slot games here, and of course, the fruits look the most interesting and are the most popular ones. The purpose of this device seems to be to ‘hypnotize’ you by making you hit all those buttons hoping to win the long-desired jackpot. And so, for days, hitting this device’s buttons and inserting coin after coin, in time you realize that it is not worth it and you should give up such a futile attempt. And just when you get up from your chair and check the results of a football or basketball game, a random figure sits down behind the same device, which you were sitting on until recently, and gets 2,000 greenbacks that you have been waiting for days, already out of the second hit.

Lucky Six


This is a game that can take away your money without you even realizing it. However, in most cases, this game is exploited by older players (of course, we mean the older players by their age) because with this game they can ‘kill’ 2-3 hours in just one part of the day. Of course, you always join them because it is stupid to be the only one in the casino and not to round up the numbers, and also that one time you took $ 300 and you are convinced that you will be able to take even more. You may think that it is stupid to play one combination or possibly go after one color so you are always trying to fit the round figure pay-in and play four combinations for $ 2. Then two minutes of uncertainty starts. When the round is over, there is usually a comment on how it is a machine and who can beat the machine in general.

But the same machine gets you to put your hand in your pocket by winning one ticket on odds of 1, and since that is a $ 2 win, you are not going to crumple the other three tickets now but you are going to add another $ 5 and try all four combinations again.



For this game, we can say that, along with the betting tickets, it is the basis for starting a betting career and spending money on additional games. In the very development of bookmakers/casinos, dog racing was one of the games that was introduced among the first. Even though you know that it was all recorded and that someone controls the release of these races, your long-term watching of this game tells you that you know almost 70 % of the races and which dog comes out at what moment.

At the moment of waiting for the matches from the ticket, the odds are displayed on the screen, of which 33 odd on ‘five’ convince you that this may be the race when it surely comes out – otherwise the 33 odd can only be hit when it is marked with a dog number five. The start of the race is generally ideal and the excitement grows immensely until the first turn because then, the ‘five’ finds itself in a sandwich of other dogs and suddenly falls at the back of the race.

Basically, it passes through the finish line as many as 30 seconds after the other dogs. However, you do not throw the ticket into the garbage right away because you check with the cashier whether you won the jackpot by any chance or not. Of course, you haven’t.

Virtual Football


The last additional game that we will present is also the game that is most likely played by the smallest number of gamblers. It is quite similar to dog racing, because here, too, many years of experience show that based on the game and the odds, you think you can figure out who will win the virtual match.

The greatest charm is when comes a match in which you know that five goals in total should happen, so you immediately put everything you have in your pocket on total goals over 4.5. Usually, the first half ends 0-0 but the excitement arises in the remaining 45 minutes. Goal chances follow one another, and then players start to score goals. And just when you are hoping that after the fourth goal, the game will resume and that you will see the fifth goal and win, there is usually a review and the match ends with, for you insufficient, 2-2.

Depending on the casino, there are many more such additional games on which money and time are spent intensively. You just need to find one that suits best your gambling character…

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